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Welcome to Premier Parking

Company Overview

The key to measuring strength in anything, whether it is a business or a relationship, is to first begin at its foundation. Premier Parking is built upon a strong foundation of excellence through high levels of customer service and a focus on providing superior parking management resources for stakeholders and property managers. Premier Parking was born and developed out of a need to provide higher levels of parking management services to clients throughout the United States.

Premier Parking has found success through its service-oriented, customer-client centric business model. Part of this success can be attributed to the company’s deep parking management roots – reinforcing in all of their employees at every level, the principles Premier Parking was founded upon – offering accountability at the highest degree. Our sole purpose continues to focus on the professional day- to-day management of client’s parking operations and not on share price or shareholder return, earning us a client retention rate of 98.9%.

Since the beginning, Premier Parking has grown its business organically, one client at a time.  Such organic growth allows Premier Parking to provide each client with the highest levels of management’s time and attention.  We are a company committed to learning from each unique client experience so that we are able to deliver maximum levels of customer service and deliver bottom line growth.  As we are consistently increasing our level of experience, our commitment to our clients has remained, and always will remain at the highest level.

Through partnerships, collaboration, and sustainability, we are working toward our goal to become a valued member of each and every community we serve by proving our commitment to make a difference.