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Welcome to Premier Parking

Company Overview

The key to measuring strength in anything, whether it is a business or a relationship, is to first begin at its foundation. Premier Parking is built upon a strong foundation of excellence through high levels of customer service and a focus on providing superior parking management resources for stakeholders and property managers. Premier Parking was born and developed out of a need to provide higher levels of parking management services to clients across the country.

Premier Parking has found success through its service-oriented, customer-client centric business model. Part of this success can be attributed to the company’s deep parking management roots – reinforcing in all of their employees at every level, the principles Premier Parking was founded upon – offering accountability at the highest degree. Premier Parking’s sole purpose continues to focus on the professional day- to-day management of client’s parking operations and not on share price, shareholder return, or new location versus lost location ratios.

Since the beginning, Premier Parking has grown its business organically, one client at a time.  Such organic growth allows Premier Parking to provide each client with the highest levels of management time and attention.  We are a company committed to learning from each unique client experience so that we are able to deliver maximum levels of customer service and deliver bottom line growth.  As we are consistently increasing our level of experience, our commitment to our clients has remained, and always will remain at the highest level.  Through partnerships, collaboration, and sustainability, we are working toward our goal to become a valued member of each and every community we serve by proving our commitment to make a difference.

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  • Premier has been helpful in navigating the complexities of the Pinnacle at Symphony Place garage and we appreciate their proactive and creative approach.

    Jennifer Caughey Senior Property Manager - Cushman & Wakefield Cornerstone
  • The demands of providing parking solutions for one of the busiest arenas in the nation, combined with constantly driving new levels of customer service for an NHL team, is not an easy task. It is amazing how easily Premier Parking excels at both, and continually finds new ways to help maximize our revenue and raise our levels of service.

    Sean Henry President and COO - Nashville Predators
  • Premier was well known in the Nashville area (home office for HCP) for delivering exceptional results. It was based on this reputation that we chose them to be our selected provider in Houston and Seattle. As we expected, they improved our returns and greatly enhanced the value of our portfolio while improving customer service – we look to continue to expand our relationship with Premier.

    Tony Acevedo Senior Vice President - HCP Inc.

  • With Premier Parking as the complete parking solutions provider to the Nashville Zoo, all I have to worry about are the animals.

    Rick Schwartz President - Nashville Zoo
  • The level of attention and support that Premier Parking provides our facilities on a daily basis is unmatched. I could not imagine using anyone else.

    Dominic Zabriskie Senior Vice President - Elmington Capital Property
  • We moved the business to Premier in October 2013 and have been completely satisfied with their staff and service. Our revenue has increased substantially due their expertise and efforts, our garages look great and our customers are happy. The switch to Premier has been good for us and I recommend them without reservation.

    Lance Sallis Partner - Stream Realty
  • I am very pleased with the level of professionalism and customer service Premier Parking has demonstrated operating the parking facilities at The Woman's Hospital of Texas. We strive to deliver the highest standards of customer services for our patients and visitors and Premier Parking has been a great partner in meeting and exceeding expectations.

    Eric Evans Chief Operating Officer - HCA, The Women's Hospital of Texas
  • Their commitment to providing quality, professional, and cost effective services to our system, patients, and the community are very impressive. Premier Parking has proven to be a leader in the parking industry. Their knowledge, expertise, and vision for parking will be an asset to your organization. We look forward to having a continued long relationship with Premier Parking. Please feel free to stop by any of our hospitals and see the world class parking service provided to our customers. I highly recommend Premier Parking for any of your current and/or potential parking needs.

    Shaun Nelson Corporate Director, Parking & External Transportation Services, Detroit Medical Center
  • We have been very pleased with our partnership with Premier Parking at our medical office buildings in Seattle. They share our commitment to customer service and operational excellence, while providing the full range of parking services and consulting we need. They also understand the needs of the tenants, hospital and patients that we serve, and have contributed to our mutual success in operating the properties.

    Laurie Granberg Director of Assets Services