Grocery stores that no longer require checkouts, rideshare apps replacing the need for standard taxis, hotels that no longer require physical keys to access rooms – these are all examples of how technology has changed the very nature of our everyday lives. We have become accustomed to having everything at our fingertips, so it comes as no surprise that more and more companies across every industry are realizing that if they can’t provide customers with fast, efficient solutions, a competitor will. As many industries begin to move toward operation solutions based in technology, isn’t it time we started asking, “Why can’t technology change the way we park, too?”

Before joining the Premier Parking team, Dana Wade, now Premier’s VP of Sales, had experienced first-hand how technology was changing the game in many industries. Wade says that he has always considered himself a ‘disruptor’ or ‘trend-setter’ so when he heard about the revolutionary partnership between Premier and Metropolis, he knew he had to be a part of it. Wade believes that this never-before-seen partnership will affect the parking industry in such a way that it will, “turn parking technology on its head.”

“We’re making decisions around technology for the future and asking ourselves what the landscape is going to look like in the next two to five years. And that’s a big reason I wanted to come to Premier. This is how parking is going to be, and I wanted to be involved at the ground level of it all,” said Wade.

The Premier and Metropolis partnership has established a new approach to parking operations in what Wade describes as a “true solutions provider” which he argues is what the industry really needs going forward. Wade commented on the partnership’s ability to be a true solutions provider saying, “The fact that a customer, client, or ownership group knows that our team has their best interests in mind and can provide them with all of the nuts and bolts to make their operation successful is so important. It’s not a one-size-fits-all model anymore, and both Premier and Metropolis understand this. Together, we can offer the advanced solutions that clients and customers need.”

The new Metropolis technology that Premier launched in March of 2021 allows for a quick, completely touchless and easy parking experience that ushers the parking industry into a new era where technology reigns supreme. This painless process not only changes the customer parking experience, but also changes the way ownership groups look at their current operations’ models.

Technology not only brings the benefits of ease and efficiency to customers, but it can also cut down the amount of equipment needed in a standard operation. The same is true in regard to parking-based technology. Metropolis technology renders parking meters, physical paper tickets, and gates obsolete. Cutting out the cost of equipment, installation costs, frequent repairs, and a whole host of other costs like receipt paper and service fees allows for the cost of operating a parking facility to be reduced significantly.

“Parking was always hardware-forward with technology as a secondary, and now that’s really starting to change to where technology is the focus. That’s the way it will continue to go. The mentality around parking equipment begins to change when we start looking at the true return on investment,” said Wade.

After years in the hospitality industry working on finding new ways to implement cost-saving measures revolving around technology, Dana is excited to put his passion and love of technology to use at a forward-thinking, innovative company like Premier. Wade believes that the partnership between Premier and Metropolis is only the beginning in what promises to be an exciting time for both Premier Parking and the parking industry as a whole.

To find out more about how Premier and Metropolis are revolutionizing the parking experience for customers and ownership groups alike, or to learn more about how Metropolis technology can create a truly seamless process for your asset, reach out to Dana at