At Premier Parking we strive to promote from within before looking outside for positions. To ensure we keep ourselves accountable, we share the stories of our company best assets… our employees. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today, Jeffrey Rentner is one of those people. Jeffrey started working for Premier Parking back in 2013, when we opened our second hotel contract, The Camlin in Seattle, WA. I asked him to write a short story about his experience.


Here is just a bit about where I came from, and how I got to where I am within this AMAZING company!

I came on as a part time employee in a floater position making minimum wage. When parking booth attendants called in sick during the winter, I volunteered to cover their shifts. I would take tickets, collect money, and clean the garage. At the same time I was working as a house painter. However, during Seattle’s wet winters the rain pours and the work literally dries up. I went looking for extra work, and though I didn’t know it at the time, being brought on as a member of the Premier team changed everything for me!

A few small garage painting jobs were offered to me which I gladly accepted. Ryan Hunt (COO), who was the Washington Regional Manager at the time, quickly noticed my work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile. Shortly after, I received a raise within my first 30 days of employment!

When a lot attendant position became available downtown in 2014, the opportunity was presented to me. I began working at a surface lot, writing parking tickets and towing cars. Baseball season came around and the lot traffic picked up, due to its proximity to Safeco Field, Home of the Seattle Mariners! I accepted a position overseeing Henry’s as an event lot and received a second raise. I was given free reign and full trust from the start, to oversee this operation.

Premier believed in my newly acquired lot knowledge, trusted my judgment and allowed me adjust lot prices as I saw fit. They trusted me to make split second choices without asking permission. At this exact moment, I fell in love with the parking world. The baseball season came and went, and once off-season began, I went back to working part-time for Premier and painting houses.

Shortly after, I began missing the days at Henry’s lot. I continued to look forward to the time when I could be presented with daily challenges, excited at every chance to learn more about the parking industry and continue to develop a working knowledge.

Our Seattle team obtained Camlin Hotel account which led me to my next opportunity for advancement presented itself. Right after the deal was signed, Ryan Hunt called me excitedly at 8:30pm to inform me that he had found the perfect job for my next step in my career development!

In the next month, I began learning the inner workings of hotel valet and became the Valet Manager at the Camlin. I held this role for the next few years. I had the chance to develop some wonderful people skills and learned the value of being the first impression to everyone’s stay. Our client and hotel manager, Pedro, still talk on an almost daily basis!

Based on my team’s performance at the Camlin, I had the privilege of flying to several markets to help open new valet operations, assist struggling accounts, and got chance to see Premier Parking as a national company.

A call came from Ryan once again, offering the next step in furthering my career with Premier and the opportunity of a lifetime! He said, “Brother, I think you’ll like Austin” and he offered me a position and I relocated to the Austin market as an Area Manager. This next step has proved to be a continuation in my successful journey with the only company I would ever want to work for, Premier Parking.

Although Jeffrey’s story is unique, he is not alone. At Premier Parking we don’t just paint our mottos on the wall, we live them. If you don’t trust me, ask our CEO who started out as a flagger making $6.75/hour.

Want to experience the difference? Come join our team today to see where your career at Premier takes you.