It’s that time of the month again! But we have more to celebrate this go-around: Impressed with the nominations received over the last three months, Premier Parking’s leadership team felt compelled to increase the number of awards to six people this month and moving forward. As we continue to grow at a rapid pace, we expect this number to consistently increase as we strive to award and recognize the many amazing Premier family members and their great acts of service that go above and beyond the call of duty! Here are the winners of May’s Employee Spotlight Award!

From Nashville, TN:  Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens has been with our Nashville team for more six years. Mike is known as the man who is constantly helping everyone around him and would give you the shirt off his back and not think twice about it. He is the first one to have an answer or a solution, otherwise he will be able to immediately know who to contact. He is a great teacher, which adds character to his leadership. Mike is very humble and would probably say he is just doing his job, but we all know that Mike constantly does more than we ask of him! Mike is a perfect example of the opportunities available to employees who want to grow as our company expands. Starting as a parking attendant and maintenance employee, Mike now holds the title of Area Manager and sets an amazing example for all of his employees. Mike is the definition of dependable, reliable and trustworthy.

From Gainesville, FL: Jeff Spillman

Jeff Spillman an Account Manager at North Florida Regional is a new addition to our team, only joining about a two months ago. Nonetheless, he has already gone to great lengths to make an impact here at Premier Parking. While off, Jeff received a phone call from one of his team members because they lost a patient’s keys. Jeff promptly went back to work and searched for the keys. They weren’t able to find the keys, so Jeff took the initiative to drive the patient in his personal vehicle home, which was over 40 minutes from North Florida Regional Medical Center. Jeff ended up getting home after the ordeal about 2am and returned back to work the next day before 6am without any grimace. Jeff also was perky while on a webinar and said we are here to serve our customers. What a true example of going above and beyond.

From Knoxville, TN:  James Harington

James has been with Premier Parking for almost two years now. James has been nominated several times by Johanna Givens, because she is constantly impressed with his performance and hard work. About a month ago, James Harrington was cleaning the surface lots and had found a baby stroller. He was worried that someone would end up taking the stroller, so he brought it back to the office. He found a number for the owner and called to let him know that he had found it. The owner had thanked James for his act of kindness when he picked up the stroller. The customer then called our office and let me know how much he really appreciated what James had done. He is a single father and when he had got back to his vehicle it had started to rain. He was rushing trying to get his child in the car and had forgotten all about the stroller. He said if James had not found it, he did not know what he was going to do, as strollers are very expensive. This is just one example of how James went beyond the call of duty to help out a customer.

From Detroit, MI:  Errick Cross

Errick Cross, an Account Manager in Detroit, has been with Premier for almost two years now. Ashlyn Watkins, our Assistant HR Director, nominated him for his consistency and dependability as a leader. Errick is always on top of the concerns and contacts HR right away to assist him with coaching and counseling via conference call with the staff members. He does a fabulous job with documentation and creating performance plans with his team to correct the issues and educate his team rather than quick terminations. Errick is lucky to have longevity with most of his team members and they really respect him and his management style.

From Nashville, TN: Amadu Barr

Amadu has been with Premier Parking for more than ten years as an Auditor in Nashville. Amadu is the most senior auditor and has consistently performed at a high level since the very beginning. Over the last ten years, he has become one of the most valuable players in Nashville. He is reliable, loyal, and consistent. His ticket numbers are always above par and accurate. Plus, his supervisor knows that he can always count on Amadu to pick up shifts, train new employees, and give 100% every day. Amadu is a very important member of the Premier family and we are grateful for his loyal service of over 10 years!

From Austin, TX: Raul Trevino

Chris Graves nominated Raul Trevino who valets at the Heart Hospital of Austin. Chris describes Raul Trevino as an absolute pleasure to work with. He is reliable, friendly, accountable, and he consistently goes above and beyond to help both customers, patients, and fellow Premier teammates alike. Even the client consistently recognizes Raul’s rapport and customer service skills. At every monthly client meeting, they make a point to tell Chris just how thankful they are that he’s representing Heart Hospital of Austin and Premier Parking. Chris has personally received praise regarding Raul’s performance directly from the CEO of Heart Hospital of Austin. One of the nursing director recently reported that he chased after a car (that was not close) so a doctor could tell the patient something before they left. Raul does an incredible job representing Premier’s quality and values to our client, to our other employees, and to our customers.

From Detroit, MI: Diamond Lett

Diamond Lett has been with Premier for 4 years. She started out as a cashier, a role which she excelled in, then advanced to become a key master in 2016 and a go-to employee for site management. She has really helped to stabilize an area that once experienced a lot of challenges. Diamond has also become a relief supervisor and trainer for new key masters at numerous hospitals in Premier’s Detroit portfolio, which has provided improved customer service. She never hesitates to help her team, having pulled long hours on numerous occasions when the extra help was needed. Diamond is truly an admirable employee.

From Detroit, MI: Karen Simpson

Karen Simpson has been with Premier for a year and a half. She is a great member of the team in Detroit at Harper Hospital’s Main entrance. Karen works weekends as well as during the week picking up and helping when needed. She is never late and never calls in. Whenever Karen is needed, she is there! Karen is very pleasant and customers love her. Overall, Karen is a team player and overcomes any challenges that arise while working at this busy site. Karen was nominated by L.C. Bracey, Account Manager.

From Detroit, MI: Karl Wingo

Karl Wingo has been with Premier as a Valet Supervisor at the DMC Children’s Emergency Department in Detroit, MI for a year and a half. On a daily basis, Karl leads his team to be caring and attentive to parents that are coming into emergency department dealing with their sick child(ren). He has proven himself to be an outstanding supervisor on numerous occasions. It is for this reason that Karl was nominated by two different Account Managers. Karl has done some things that are really “beyond the call of duty.” There was one time where a mother came to emergency with her children. After she returned to the lobby Karl notice that she had been waiting several hours for a ride to return home. It was late and in the middle of winter and bitterly cold outside. After he got off work that night, which was close to midnight, he offered to take the mother and her three children home. Not to mention the family lived completely opposite of Karl. Another time is when a parent came into emergency with her child that was injured by a brick that was thrown into their car. Days after, Karl noticed that the class from the incident was still in the car all over the child’s car seat and floor. When he saw the mother of the child in the hospital he asked her if it was ok for him to vacuum the glass that remained in the car. He did this because he wanted to make sure that when the family left the hospital they wouldn’t have to deal with the cleanup and see evidence to remind them of that horrifying day their child was injured. These are just a couple of stories about Karl’s services to the families at the Detroit hospital, and it is an honor to spotlight this man for all that he does for Premier. Karl is one of our model employee that leads his team to be successful as they service our clients and their patients in Detroit.

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