Author:  David Weinstock, Corporate Talent Acquisition Lead

Parking? Do I really want to work for a parking company? If so, what does that entail? These were my exact thoughts when I applied online to work for Premier Parking. Oh, how the times and thoughts changed since then!

Burnt out from working for employers plagued with excessive amounts of red tape, limited-to-no access to the executive team, and politics, I desperately needed a change. Premier’s entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to try new things was a breath of fresh air which reenergized my career.

Our rapid growth combined with our company’s (we are all in this together) appetite for success allows you as an individual to paint your own canvas and leave a mark. At Premier, I routinely get to flex my creativity muscles while learning from my peers. It’s this mix, which has fostered an environment of openness, productivity and change.

Since joining Premier, we’ve implemented several initiatives focused on engaging our employees and transforming the parking industry’s traditional norms. Premier and I love breaking down traditional barriers of parking and recruiting. Say goodbye to 20 page questionnaires, scripted interviews, and an “employer first” attitude on hiring and culture.

An Employee Spotlight Award, Engagement Survey, Employee Referral Bonus program, and an entire overhaul of our recruitment strategy are just a few of the many initiatives implemented thus far. Our interviews are conversations, our growth is real, and our culture is unique (No comparisons here).

In addition to transforming our culture and recruitment from our Support Office (No stuffy corporate headquarters with brass railings and Italian marble floors) in Nashville, Premier allows me the opportunity to meet our teams in the field, where the great ideas come from. I’m looking forward to implementing more initiatives centered on our employees, meeting more people with amazing stories, and expanding our operations across the country.

I’m thankful I knocked on the door of opportunity to start this wild adventure of transforming recruiting in the parking industry while helping redefine parking management.

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