After a year of immense stress and uncertainty, many of us looked for new ways to find peace. Lora Pfeffer, Vice President of Healthcare at Premier Parking, has used the practice of yoga for a few years now as a way to improve her mental and physical health, and she is now teaching others how yoga can improve their total health at this year’s Professional Women in Healthcare (PWH) Leadership Summit.

PWH was founded in 2004 and is made up of a collection of women in various roles throughout the healthcare supply chain industry who are looking to connect and form meaningful relationships that empower women in what is a largely male dominated field. The mission of this organization has always been mostly business orientated, but after the year that we all just experienced, the PWH wanted to shine a light on total health, or in other words how to create and maintain a healthy work life balance.  

For this year’s virtual summit, Lora was approached by her mentor and friend Rachelle Ferrara, a founder of PWH, about leading a yoga class as a part of the total health message. Yoga can often be perceived as a practice solely focused on breathing, and while breathing is an important aspect of yoga, Lora wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to educate other women about the amazing outlet that yoga can provide. She was once a yoga sceptic herself, so Lora is well aware of the many perceptions people have towards the practice. That’s why when she was approached about leading a yoga class at the Summit, she wanted to position the session as having something for everyone.  

Lora’s expertise in yoga wasn’t the only thing that made her the perfect candidate to lead the first session of the Summit’s second day. Lora is known both by the Premier team and PWH as someone who sets a great example of work life balance. Lora says it’s more important than ever to create time and space to unplug, unwind and reset. This will not only improve your physical and mental health, but helps promote productivity and focus on your work. As someone who prioritizes her overall health, it comes as no surprise that Lora is at the top of her game professionally.  

Premier Parking’s role in the healthcare community as a Purchased Service provider is to partner with healthcare organizations to deliver value and improve the experience.  Breaking it down even further, Pfeffer explains by saying, “Premier has been so successful in healthcare because we partner with healthcare operations to make sure they understand what goes into their service and then have the full transparency and actionable data in order for them to make informed decision to improve the efficiency as well as the patient experience…We understand that purchased services are an important component to the healthcare landscape and makes it a priority to assist.”  

This approach to purchased services is why Premier is seen as a leader in the field, and in conjunction why Lora, as the leader of Premier’s healthcare division, was one of the only such vendors highlighted during the entire Summit. Lora credits this honor to the way Premier approaches the healthcare industry, but also to the way Premier values the women in the company.  

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