We are so appreciative of the 800 plus employees who work for our company and help us every day to serve the needs of our clients and customers. Because we know it is our people who help make Premier a great company, we wanted to highlight a story and video from our Seattle team that made the biggest difference in the satisfaction of a guest at one of our locations! The guest had this to say on their comment card! “ … I must say I was most impressed with the valet staff. As we were getting our car packed with the bags, another guest had left his car and it was rolling directly to my car. Two of the valets were there and they jumped into action. They jumped into the vehicle that was about to crash into my car and stopped it. I cannot tell you how thankful I was that my trip didn’t end horribly as it was looking at that moment. Thank you for hiring great people. I hope you take great care of your staff. They are what makes you. And you have some great ones in Seattle.”


See the video here!