Alex Lujan, a Premier Parking valet attendant at the St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, TX, was awarded the December ICARE award for providing outstanding service to a Labor and Delivery patient at the medical facility.  ICARE award recipients are selected by a special committee of hospital employees, and are recognized by the CEO at the monthly award ceremony. 

Traditionally, ICARE awards are given to hospital employees only; however Alex’s exceptional service to the hospital and its patients and visitors has not gone unnoticed, resulting in the department heads decision to step outside of the box and consider Premier Parking’s employee for the exemplary honor. 

We are extremely proud to have Alex, with his dedication to customer/patient care and high level of professionalism, on our team.  Day in and day out, Premier strives to provide the best service in the parking industry, and Alex has performed his duties in the manner of which we are incredibly grateful and proud to have him on the front line of the parking program at St. David’s Medical Center. 

Way to go, Alex!