Premier Parking has commenced operations in Kansas City, MO with the opening of two new garages located in the northern downtown section of the city. Kansas City is the latest addition to Premier’s portfolio of major Midwest cities, including Indianapolis, Cleveland, Detroit, and St. Louis. 3Y Garage, located at 300 Wyandotte Street, and the Lightwell Garage, located at 1100 Main Street, are centrally located in the downtown core of the city, allowing easy access to restaurants, hotels, and major venues like T-Mobile Center and the City Market.

3Y Garage and Lightwell garage are both fully equipped with Metropolis’ computer vision technology, bringing the revolutionary technology to the Kansas City market. The forward-thinking AI computer vision technology allows parkers to drive into the garage and drive out without ever touching a meter, pulling a ticket, or waiting behind a gate.

With 450 parking spaces available between the two garages, Premier will be able to introduce hundreds of KC residents and visitors to the extensive, cross-country Metropolis network that allows for a completely touchless and seamless parking experience.

Premier Parking is excited about the opportunity to grow in the Kansas City metro area and become a trusted source of parking for downtown visitors and residents alike. To learn more about Metropolis, click here.