Zakari Boyle, a Premier Parking valet attendant at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in Houston, TX, was recognized by CLRMC Administration for his delivery of “Above and Beyond Service” at the CLRMC Employee Awards Luncheon on November 30, 2016.

Zakari was working his shift at the Main Entrance on the morning of November 29th, 2016, when a guest of the hospital, who had self-parked the previous evening, came to him asking for help locating her vehicle (CLRMC has the second largest healthcare campus in all of Houston, Texas).  Zakari quickly took action and began running through each parking lot trying to locate the guest’s vehicle.  After an exhausting search throughout the campus’ parking lots, Zakari located the vehicle and immediately returned it to its owner at the Main Entrance.  The guest was blown away by the determination and over-the-top customer service that our team member displayed, and drove straight to the administration building to share with them her experience and how “above and beyond” Zakari went by helping her, even though she had not valeted her vehicle with us.

Premier’s team at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in Houston, TX is led by Luis Alvarez, an exceptional leader that is committed to a “lead by example” management approach. 

Thank you, to both Zakari and Luis, for truly exemplifying Premier’s mission to deliver the best patient/guest service in the industry!  We are honored to have these individuals on our team!