Author:  Lisa Royer-Sprouse, Vice President – Marketing

When I accepted a job offer from a parking company in 2013, I had no idea what working in the parking industry entailed or the magnitude of opportunity I would be exposed to.  Parking was never the industry I strived to be in, but boy am I happy that I decided to accept that job offer four years ago…

Throughout the last four years, I have gained, developed, or even attained expert level of, in several cases, an incredibly valuable and vast skill set.  In my experience, a career in parking not only promotes, but almost requires, the skill set of an entrepreneur.   Being able to work both independently and as a team is a must in this industry, and I was able to truly put my leadership abilities to the test and strengthen my use and understanding of the things I learned while in pursuit of my degree in Organizational Leadership after I took on a General Manager role overseeing a city portfolio that consisted of 150+ operations and 120+ employees. 

This role, particularly, as opposed to other roles I have fulfilled in my career, taught me the importance of employee morale.  I can now say that I have a clear understanding of the phrase, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”  More importantly, I also gained valuable experience as to what incredible results can be achieved by investing in the people around you, and how many things are actually unachievable if you DON’T invest in the people around you.

Simultaneously, I was maximizing my problem-solving skills, perfecting my communication style, digging deep into analytics of all sorts of data, and learning how to quickly evaluate a room to determine the best approach to the sale/conversation before opening my mouth, which can ultimately make or break a deal (am I right, or am I right?).

In my current role, VP of Marketing, I am continuing to build and develop new skill sets, and I’ve seen no signs of the opportunity starting to dwindle down. 

In four years, I’ve established strong, trustworthy relationships with hundreds of people, whether it be through sponsorships/partnerships, learning and collaborating with employees and colleagues, meetings with clients, attending industry events, involvement in various organizations (shout out to WIP!) – the connections, and the benefits of them, are still seemingly endless.

In conclusion, I’ve gained more from four years in parking than a self-driving vehicle could provide me in a lifetime, and while it may eliminate the need for some things, it could never truly eliminate the personal need for “parking”.


Lisa joined Premier in March 2013 as an Accountant.  She was promoted to Nashville General Manager in January 2015 and earned her Certified Parking Professional credentials through the National Parking Association in June 2015.  In June 2016, she became the first female executive team member in Premier Parking history with her promotion to Vice President/Marketing.  Lisa is the first person to hold this title with Premier Parking.  Lisa is a recipient of the National Parking Association’s 2016 40 Under 40 award and the 2016 Brett Harwood Leadership Scholarship.

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