In 2012, Stephen Calloway was working as a roofer at the Pinnacle Building in downtown Nashville. While at work one day, Ryan Chapman, former CEO and current Executive Chairman, noticed Stephen’s hard work and dedication to his job, and after finding out he was a licensed maintenance technician, invited him to join the Premier Parking team.

Calloway accepted the position at Premier as a way to earn a second income and in turn support his family. Working two labor intensive jobs, Stephen, at that time 50 years old, never complained or faltered. As time went on, Stephen noticed that his job at Premier was checking all of the boxes for him. He enjoyed being outdoors, getting to see the city, and meeting both locals and visitors alike. Another perk he mentions, management allowing him to do his job without making him feel like he was constantly being micromanaged.

“It’s almost like the ideal job,” said Calloway.

After moving from part-time to full-time, Stephen began noticing different aspects of Premier that made him more determined to stay. During his years at Premier, Stephen suffered considerable loss when both his mother and mother-in-law passed away. Calloway says that during these difficult times, the people at Premier stood by him and supported him. This show of support would stay with Stephen for years to come, and as other companies approached him with job offers, he says that he has always remained “steadfast with Premier Parking” and will continue to do so. The main reason he stays, the people.

“They care about you. They care about me, and I reciprocate those feelings. I’m just glad to be here.”

Over the years, Stephen has seen the continuous evolution of Premier and its team and reflects on his time at Premier saying, “Within the 10 years, I’ve seen this company expand and grow and it’s great, but even with the growth they still treat you like a valued employee, staff, and person. And a lot of people know you, say hello to you, and it really makes you feel more comfortable.”

A valued member of the Premier family, Stephen Calloway embodies the Premier values of relationships, tenacity, and integrity every day through his meaningful relationships with customers and co-workers alike. Congratulations on 10 years at Premier, Stephen and thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do to make Premier Parking special!

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