Johanna Givens has been with Premier Parking since 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. Her story is one of inspiration, one for the books, and certainly one worth sharing.

It was 2012, Johanna accepted a part-time position  as a garage Attendant in Knoxville, TN. What started out as a part-time job quickly transitioned into full-time. After excelling in this position she went to work in the following capacities: Maintenance, Auditor, Event Coordinator, Customer Service, Supervisor, Violations Manager, Account Specialist, and Assistant Account Manager. Five years later, Johanna is currently an Account Manager overseeing nine (yes, nine) locations in Premier’s Knoxville portfolio of operations.

Now, this didn’t occur overnight – Each promotion was earned by Johanna after going above-and-beyond for her teammates and taking a sleeves-up, servant-leadership approach to managing her accounts. For example, when the gate equipment malfunctioned, Johanna showed some serious initiative and learned how to fix it herself rather than waiting a number of days for a repair company to arrive, ensuring that our client and her team were promptly taken care of. When she asks one of her associates to do something, I guarantee it’s something that she has previously done herself on more than one occasion, exuding a management style that we all respond well to.  Everything Johanna does, she does with a go-getter attitude, ultimately inspiring others around her.

Johanna has proved that parking isn’t a “boys only” club.  Her story shows that Premier Parking doesn’t know employment barriers. She is a proven testimony that if you work hard and serve your team, excellence results, and that you can make a career for yourself in parking and have fun while doing it.

Thank you Johanna for leading by example and inspiring others, including millennial women, to take a leap by not only joining the parking industry, but also becoming a leader and excelling in it.


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