In the years since Detroit declared bankruptcy in 2013, the city has seen a steady resurgence surrounding infrastructure, tourism, and a sense of community. As more people have begun visiting downtown Detroit and buildings and offices are being rebuilt and remolded, the need for safe, reliable parking is sorely needed. The Grand Circus Garage, built in 1950 underneath the iconic Grand Circus Park, is conveniently located at the epicenter of the city, making it the ideal place for this evergrowing group of working professionals and visitors to park.

Premier entered the Detroit market in 2013, and once there, began building a portfolio of property’s now totaling over 50 parking programs throughout the Greater Detroit area. In 2018, Premier was given the opportunity to help restore and manage the famous Grand Circus Park Garage.

The structure, being nearly seventy years old, was in dire need of major repairs, with many areas being deemed unsafe for use. Premier Parking embarked on the task of restoring the iconic garage to its former glory.

The planning and design of an underground parking structure is no small feat, requiring complex decision-making and substantial resources, which is perhaps why Premier was the choice to lead the resortation of the Grand Circus Park Garage. Premier’s team, led by the experienced Vice President of Consulting and Design, Bob Chapman, approached the project with a sense of tenacity that allowed them to  push themselves to complete construction in just 18 months and come out slightly under the $17 MM capital budget.

The work Premier completed at the Grand Circus Park Garage is a true success story of underground garage restoration. As the city begins to reimagine its future for residents and visitors, and more success stories emerge, we are honored to be a part of the revitalization efforts in this proven-resilient city.

The parking garage, consisting of 850 spots, is now back open and serving residents, professionals, and visitors to the city under the experienced management of the Premier Parking Detroit team. From the remodeling of the garage, to servicing its guests, Premier is proud to be charged with managing and maintaining this historical facility in the heart of Detroit.

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