Premier Parking’s success has been nothing short of incredible.  With a significant portion of our company’s growth over the last 12 months being in the healthcare sector, led in large part by Eric Teter, Vice President, we wanted to highlight his professional success.  What better way to do so than a little executive spotlight Q&A!

Q: First things first, why parking?

A: After graduating from college, I looked into working for several large companies. Most of these companies required work experience and a proven track record. This was something I didn’t have being a recent college graduate. I stumbled upon Central Parking System that was, at the time, recruiting for night managers. They told me they promoted based on ability, work ethic, and results rather than tenure or age. This really appealed to me, so I started my career in parking as a Night Manager at the Westin Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri.

Q: You have a very accomplished career in parking. Of all of the exciting things you’ve been a part of during your time in the industry, what are you most proud of?

A: I have been involved in countless projects and have gotten to work with many great people over the years. Two notable items would be being part of the team that privatized the parking operation for the London Underground System and being awarded the contract for Heathrow Airport’s Terminals.

Q: With an employment history including executive positions with several large, well-known parking companies, what would you say is the prime differentiator between Premier and its competition that makes Premier so successful?

A: Premier Parking is unique because of its size. We have a lot of parking talent on the team, which has allowed us to grow at a tremendous pace in recent years. Also, we are a team that is able and willing to move quickly on opportunities. Gaining access to the top decision makers is easy and getting decisions on investment, leases, and establishing policy is simple. No bureaucracy and red tape!

Q: How would you feel about your son starting a career in parking? Would you encourage it?

A: My son, Jack, is twenty-one years old and finishing his sophomore year at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He has seen my success in the business and heard numerous stories of my exploits. He has already told me he wants to work for Premier Parking when he graduates! Jack is a hard worker, very good with people, and would be great at building relationships. It would be fun seeing what he could do as part of the Premier Parking team.

Q: You’ve really seemed to find your “groove” in the healthcare space, landing several new contracts in the last 12 months that brought Premier into several new markets throughout the southeast region. What advice would you have for up and coming team members who are learning the ropes?

A: Being visible is the key to success in my book. Visiting properties several times in advance of submitting a proposal, meeting with clients to ask questions and show an interest in the operation, preparing a stand-out proposal, and following up with face-to-face meetings to discuss the proposal and address any questions has always been my strategy for winning business. This approach has worked well for me for years! Clients want to hear your story and feel confident that they can depend on you for delivering the service you are selling.

Q: How many years have you been in parking?

A: 24 years

Q: How many of those years have you been with Premier?

A: Five years

Q: What was your first position in parking?

A: Night Manager at the Westin Hotel – Crown Center, Kansas City

Q: Just for fun, what’s your nickname?

A: Admiral

Q: What are some of your favorites things, unrelated to work/parking?

A: Reading, traveling, day dreaming, being outdoors, collecting odd objects, spending time with family. (Can I mention staring at myself in the mirror?)


Eric Teter (aka Admiral) oversees all of Premier’s operations and business development efforts in East Tennessee, Roanoke, VA, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

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