Another month of celebrating some of the Premier rockstars! Thanks to all who nominated their team members for this month’s spotlight. The ongoing dedication and hard work of our employees is such a huge part of what makes our company successful, so we are pleased to announce the program winners for the month of September!

From Nashville, TN: Noah Mann
Noah, an auditor in the Gulch was nominated by Zach Jenkins, Keith Mills-Cooper, and Marshall Bratcher. Noah has been with our team for just 6 months and has already proven to be very self-motivated who takes great pride in Premier. His attitude has been outstanding and he is eager to help out with anything he is asked.

From Nashville, TN: Omar Garner
Omar has been with Premier for almost two years. He was nominated by Chris Rivera for his excellent customer service. He is a true example of excellent customer service, assisting every guest equally with a warm welcome ready to assist in any way. Each month Omar passes the hotels mystery shopper with a score of 100%. He continues to grow with Premier as he recently got promoted from valet driver to valet supervisor at a hotel in Nashville!

From OKC, OK: Ron Ellison
Ron is a cashier and has been with the OUMC Campus for about 10 years. He was nominated by Julie Russell. Ron is a great asset to the team. He is very constant with his paperwork, as well as his attendance. He is more than willing to stay late if needed. Ron is a quick learner and very dependable.

From Knoxville, TN: Tiffany Johnson
Tiffany has been with Premier for the past five months. We have received multiple compliments from customers and building management regarding Tiffany. She works as maintenance and attendant, and was nominated by Johanna Givens for her smiling bubbly personality which creates a good start to the day with the people who come in contact with her upon entering and exiting the garage. She takes great care of all levels of the garage, stairwells, breezeway and executive parking. Premier is thankful to have Tiffany on the Knoxville team!

From Seattle, WA: Andrew Pollock
Andrew has been with Premier for 6 months as a valet driver in Seattle. His part-time job became full time as he agreed to step up and help out covering shifts and never complaining. Bill Schrader nominated him and said that his flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond led to a seamless few weeks at the Camlin.

From Pensacola, FL: Josh Benford
Josh Benford has been employed for 8 months and was nominated by John Burnett. Josh works valet at the West Florida Hospital. Josh goes above and beyond when helping individuals at the hospital. Josh made sure that the visitor who was visiting her dad didn’t have to worry about her car being moved as he moved it to the front of the hospital and brought the keys to her father’s room. He recently won an award from the CEO for employee for the quarter for this kind deed. He is a great example of going above and beyond.

From DMC in Detroit, MI: Sheila Keys
Sheila Keys was nominated by Davinia Brown and Shrone Turner. She is a HR assistant and has been with Premier for two years. She goes above and beyond in everything that she does. Sheila fits all employees for uniforms, making sure that they fit well and are presentable. Sheila goes around the DMC campus checking to see if employees need new uniforms items, and if they do, she will come back out to bring it to them. When it is raining Sheila will go around the campus passing out rain ponchos. She likes to call herself Mrs. Claus. She will come in early or stay late to accommodate new employees start dates and is a ray of sunshine to everyone that she meets. It is rare that you will ever see Sheila without a smile.

From DMC in Detroit, MI: Nikia Dodson
Nikia Dodson is a valet cashier at Harper Main and she has been with Premier for 6 months. She was almost immediately placed at the newly opened valet cashier position at Harper Main Hospital. This is rare because many new employees do not get placed here until they’ve proved themselves. Nikia did so in a short amount of time. This location is one of our most demanding sites seeing that it is connected to the Hutzel hospital where the babies are born. There is a constant influx of guests which keeps the cashier and drivers busy at all times. From her first day at Harper Main, she has stepped in and stepped up. She has effortlessly taken on the role as the valet cashier. She works hard, shows up on time every day and does not complain about patient volumes. She is pleasant and attentive with the guests. Nikia’s exemplary work ethics makes her a Premier star performer.

From DMC in Detroit, MI: Ajia Armstrong
Ajia Armstrong is a greeter that has been with Premier for 9 months. In this time, she has proven herself to be a hard worker. She is faithful and dedicated to coming to work. She is very helpful and knowledgeable of her job duties. Aija also comes in early and works late if needed. She just recently received a customer compliment where the customer stated she “took out time to assister her and make her feel comfortable while waiting on her appointment”. This is a daily occurrence for Aija. She always goes out of her way to ensure guests are receiving great service.