Premier is pleased and excited to announce June’s winners of the Employee Spotlight program. We received the highest number of nominations yet this month! The stories submitted in the nominations were heart-warming and incredibly humbling to read, so we greatly appreciate all of the managers that took time to recognize their employees’ or coworkers’ achievements and hard work. We wouldn’t be here without all of your continued dedication to our growth, operations, and love for Premier Parking. So, without further ado, here are our June winners:

From Nashville, TN:  Joshua Ray

Joshua Ray was nominated several times by Tad Irvin, Owen Sanford, and David Weinstock for his attitude, work ethic, and consistency. Joshua regularly stops his maintenance duties to help customers having problems with their ticket or validations. If he can’t help them, he calls his manager to get the customer they help that they need. His job is split between two garages and Josh keeps both managers up to date on cleaning, supplies needed, problems with garage equipment, lights, customer comments or complaints, etc. There have been a couple of instances where Josh left for the day and actually turned back around to clean up a mess or help out when they were a man down. You can tell Josh takes pride in what he does, even posting on Linkedin last week about how fulfilling it was to help a couple of ladies find their car, despite that they were park in a competitor’s garage. His willingness to help customers, watch out for the locations, and volunteer to do extra work makes him an asset to our company.

From Gainesville, FL: Stephanie Hamilton

Stephanie Hamilton, the Patient Care Supervisor for North Florida Regional, was nominated by Ashlyn Watkins and Jeff Spillman several times. As Ashlyn and Jeff describe, Stephanie is constantly going above and beyond to ensure her program is running efficiently. She goes out of her way to hand deliver checks and paperwork to current employees and candidates. She has built a great working relationship with the hospital administration and they have made it a point to rave about her work ethic on several occasions. Stephanie launched the patient care program in Gainesville and has also helped with staffing and training for other programs in Florida. She has set the bar high for being our first Patient Care Supervisor and we are looking forward to her continued success in growing our healthcare division, Premier Care!

From Knoxville, TN:  James Harington

James has been with Premier Parking for almost two years now. James has been nominated several times by Johanna Givens, because she is constantly impressed with his performance and hard work. About a month ago, James Harrington was cleaning the surface lots and had found a baby stroller. He was worried that someone would end up taking the stroller, so he brought it back to the office. He found a number for the owner and called to let him know that he had found it. The owner had thanked James for his act of kindness when he picked up the stroller. The customer then called our office and let me know how much he really appreciated what James had done. He is a single father and when he had got back to his vehicle it had started to rain. He was rushing trying to get his child in the car and had forgotten all about the stroller. He said if James had not found it, he did not know what he was going to do, as strollers are very expensive. This is just one example of how James went beyond the call of duty to help out a customer.

From Houston, TX:  Luis Alvarez Sr.

Luis is the Account Manager for the Clear Lake Regional Medical Center and has been with Premier for 10 months now. He was nominated an impressive FOUR TIMES by James Timmons and Jo Knightstep! As Jo describes, Luis is the definition of a team player on multiple levels. When it comes to his payroll, he is very helpful to provide the correct information for his employees, thoroughly goes through his employee’s timecards to guarantee proper payment, and fills out all necessary paperwork in a timely manner so that it streamlines the HR and Payroll process.

Moreover, James nominated him for his ability to lead by example. The success of his team is a direct reflection of his hard work and dedication that he puts forth each and every day. Luis is praised by clients and guests on a constant basis, and is regarded with the highest respect from his peers.

From Nashville, TN: Corey Collier

Corey Collier has only been with Premier for about two months now, but he has already left a mark on our Nashville team, receiving two nominations this month. As a flagger for L&C Garage, he has stood out for his energy during many of Nashville’s special events. As Terrance Simpson noted, “during the Predators Play-off run, he was a GREAT asset. Corey insisted on being the man for the job during their entire run and was very passionate in the process. Greeting customer with a big smile and warm welcome the Premier Parking way helped increase revenue all the more. Even on days that there isn’t a major event, Corey takes great pride in continuing to be steadfast in his working duties. Corey’s great personality and energetic work ethic is undeniable!” Owen Sandford also nominated Corey for his incredible attitude and the revenue he has increased. Competing with a brand new garage across the street, Corey sets a great example of how important our special event team is to our success in the market. Rain or shine, he never stops waving that flag.

From Gatlinburg, TN: Carol Capooth

Carol works as an Attendant for our Pi Beta Phi Lot in Gatlinburg, TN and was nominated by Zac Boyd. As he describes, “Carol is a beautiful soul who never met a stranger. In the past 4+ years Carol has gone above and beyond daily. Upon her hire, Carol had never texted or used a smartphone, much less been responsible for repairs on a parking meter. Since that time, she has mastered texting and operation of our ticketing system and maintaining meters. Day or night, Carol has always fulfilled all requests to check the lot, clean exorbitant amounts of debris left from large events such as the first 4th of July Parade in the U.S. beginning at 12:00am on July 4. Furthermore, Carol continues to support our local Premier family by providing room and board to other team members who assist with large events. Finally, and this is a true testament to her beauty; while recent construction continues to expand the parking lot, Carol has come to know many construction workers. Upon finding that one worker drove 3hrs each way to work to fulfill his parental responsibilities, she brought him lunch and often cooks meals for him and the crew. You just don’t find better people than her.”

From Huntsville, AL: Nathan Frazier

As an Account Manager for Crestwood Medical Center, Nathan’s valet team has gone from parking 1,300 cars a month to 2,300 a month in the brief period of time that we’ve been in Huntsville. As those numbers have grown, Gerald admits occasionally finding himself wondering if he needs a spreadsheet for all of the compliments that continue to pour in from the staff and patients his team serves. Gerald nominated Nathan for the several times where our staff was spread a bit thin for the growing car count, and Nathan was not only putting in the sweat… he was hoping for more. He has a passion for service that is clearly reflected by his team, and it’s easy to see the extraordinary level of respect they have for him. “To work along with Nathan on a personal level has been a pleasure as well; it’s almost unnatural that he can word an email as enthusiastically as he can run for a car. What I’ve seen him overcome and push toward has been absolutely amazing, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why I’m so glad to be on the Premier team. Thank you for your excitement and continued hard work in taking over Alabama!”

From Detroit, MI: Mary Ryan

Mary has been with Premier Parking since we got the DMC contract 4 years ago, working as a Greeter at the Children Specialty entrance. She is a hard worker and is dedicated to her job with Premier. Mary is faithful and really loves what she does as a Greeter. Mary is such an awesome member of the team that she is always receiving little notes of appreciation from the patients that she interacts with, and has even received recognition from the hospital staff for her hard work.

From Detroit, MI: Tanisha Gaston

Tanisha has been with Premier for three years now and is the Lead Cashier for the DMC staff. She works a midday shift (10:00am – 6:30pm M-F) to ensure that the AM and PM cashier staff has coverage and a supervisor on duty. She helps manage scheduling, handles cash outs, gives breaks and personally works open shifts if there is no available coverage. She also takes the cashiers’ call off messages which can come in as early as 2:00am. Even though her primary schedule is Monday through Friday, she works tirelessly in her position. She treats her position as an on-call position. If there is a problem on a weekend shift, she steps up and handles it without hesitation. Tanisha takes pride in what she does and it shows through her work ethics. She rarely requests any time off and tries to schedule appointments before or after her work shift. Tanisha is truly an asset to Premier Parking.

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