This perhaps has been the most exciting time in our company’s history over the last 60 days. With the recent announcements and excitement about the future of our company, Premier Parking is pleased to announce the winners of the Employee Spotlight Awards for July. Everyone is encouraged to continue to motivate and inspire their team members at every available opportunity. This encouragement that we share with each other is a special quality that provides purpose and fulfillment in our jobs and careers.

Allow us to introduce to you, our spotlight winners for July:

From Nashville, TN:  Ljherin Houghton

Ljherin, a Night Manager in the Gulch, was nominated twice this month (by Shane Lunenschloss and Zach Jenkins) for continuing to be an impressive and model employee. He is recognized for always doing everything that is asked of him and going above and beyond the requirements of the job. He started off as a Parking Attendant at a highly demanding operation, where he remained the gold standard of what is expected from our staff. Since then, he has moved up quickly and is on the track to continue the rise. Ljherin has also shown exceptional problem solving skills and critical thinking on the job. Whenever Ljherin is on duty, the location is in good hands!

From Nashville, TN: Christine French

Christine has been with our Accounting team for almost a year and a half now. Also nominated twice this month (by Owen Sanford and Kimberly Hicks), Christine is continuously recognized for going out of her way for other employees, clients, and the executive team at Premier. Without being asked, she lends her time to assist others in and out of the accounting department and always has a positive attitude in the work place. If she doesn’t know the answers, she finds out and follows through. She isn’t afraid to ask for feedback or guidance and owns it. Christine takes the initiative to learn all aspects of Premier outside of her primary job in Accounting, which has created so much value in her current position as she understands more and more the operational side of the business.

From Detroit, MI:  Kenya Cargill

Curtis Koppal nominated Kenya, a Greeter, after she was recently nominated by a patient for the Crystal Star award, which is given by Beaumont Health to employees that go above and beyond in their duties. Curtis is constantly hearing nothing but great things from hospital administration about her phenomenal customer service. Even though Kenya is new to the team, she has already made a huge impact on the Beaumont team and Curtis is confident that she will continue to make Premier Parking and the Beaumont team proud!

From Louisville, KY:  Heinz Brown

Trey Hamblin nominated Heinz, a Valet Supervisor at KentuckyOne in Louisville. Heinz has been with the hospital for 20 years and was a huge help during the transition of this account last year. He has seen three separate companies come and go and has been a wealth of information during the transition. Heinz is the right hand man to our Louisville manager and supports him throughout many different aspects of the operations. He will work late if asked, without a second thought, and will step up whenever needed. In times of stress and high volume, he takes control in these situations with his cool, calm demeanor. Moreover, his customer service skills are excellent and he is great at deescalating situations where a customer is upset, to the point that Trey never has to get involved. Heinz is “crucial to the operation” and Premier is lucky to have him on our team.

From Austin, TX: Anthony Guerra

Anthony is an Assistant Account Manager at St. David’s Medical Center and was nominated by manager, David Dale. In the short time that David has been at St. David’s, Anthony has proved to be a great asset to the team. Anthony has stepped up the plate 110%, no matter if he needs to help valet a car or help clean a garage. Anthony started as a maintenance employee who assisted in cleaning and maintaining three garages in Austin, TX. He has since rose through the ranks of Premier from Valet Supervisor and now to Assistant Manager. He has been an amazing member of the Austin team, always filling in and going above and beyond the call of duty at every turn. “I can readily say that Austin would not be the true success story it has been over the past three years without Anthony Guerra.”

From Florida: John Burnett

John was nominated by Ashlyn Watkins (HR) for constantly bending over backwards for his entire Florida crew. Even though he is always on the road, driving from location to location, he never complains. While recently on vacation, he left two days early because a client expressed that they needed him there to handle a situation on site. John drove through the night to make the meeting first thing in the morning, much to the hospital administration’s surprise. “John’s team highly respect him and have a great working relationship with him as well as sing his praises when I (Ashlyn) am speaking to them. A great manager creates an awesome team and John is definitely an example of that.”

From Detroit, MI: Darnell Wallace

Darnell is at the DMC, Harper location and has been with Premier for about 7 months. He was nominated by Alex Mackenzie for being an outstanding employee and always having a smile on his face. He brings joy to those around him on his team and in the hospital. In just two weeks, the Detroit leadership team has received multiple emails from hospital guests and administration about how Darnell went above and beyond, making their experience memorable, even stating that he’s a keeper. Darnell is a shining start and the Detroit team is constantly stating how lucky and grateful they are to have him as part of our team.

From Detroit, MI: Demond Taylor

Demond is a supervisor at Harper Main and has been with Premier for 2 years. Even though his schedule is typically Monday through Friday, he is flexible and is always willing to come in on his days off to help the team. He also stays over when drivers call off in the afternoon and works long hours to help the operations run smoothly. He is a great supervisor and an overall team player for Premier.

From Detroit, MI: JoAnne Small-Jones

JoAnne is an exemplary cashier who works the 4:00am shift, Monday through Friday at a healthcare operation in Detroit. She always upholds our company’s uniform and grooming standards 100% of the time, even taking her uniform to be ironed and pressed. When it comes to paperwork, her documentation is neat and always completed with accuracy. In times of need, she goes above and beyond by volunteering to fill others’ shift even on the weekends. JoAnne assists with training new cashiers without question, she is the true example of always knowing when to lend a helping hand. She is a great asset to our team at the DMC.