We are so incredibly blessed to be able to read the amazing and compelling stories of our valued team members who were nominated for the Employee Spotlight award for the month of April.  This month was a great reminder of why we have the most amazing employees in the world!  What was equally amazing was the nominations, as it is clear just how much we care about eachother.  These values are what truly make Premier a special place and I am so grateful to be a part of the Premier family.  – Ryan Hunt, COO.

Below are the winners of the inaugural Employee Spotlight award at Premier Parking!  The following team members were nominated by their managers and peers because of their hard work, dedication, and going above and beyond their call of duty.  They exemplify what it means to be a part of the Premier family and our values.  Each winner will receive a certificate of excellence and the opportunity to choose a gift out of our prize “Look Book”.

From Nashville, TN:  John Kunkel

John works as an attendant at our MarketStreet, Terrazzo, and 1000 Division locations. He was nominated by Account Manager, Benjamin Maenza, for his commitment to Premier throughout the last four years. John works part-time with us. He walks 10 miles each day to get to work, and even with this obstacle, he is always on-time and ready to work. In Benjamin’s words, “He is not a complainer; he is a doer. Ask anyone who knows of John and they will tell you he’s the best. I know that I, and Premier are truly blessed to have an employee that is as dependable and reliable as John is.”

From Houston, TX:  Fekade Getachew

Fekade is approaching his three year anniversary and serves in the capacity of a valet supervisor. Our team member, Araceli Martinez, nominated Fekade for excelling in leadership, communication, and customer service. Fekade’s customer service goes above and beyond, to the point that Araceli receives multiple emails from customers about how happy they were with his service.

From Knoxville, TN:  Larry Gwinn

Larry is an Attendant at Parkwest Hospital and has been with Premier for a year and a half now. Jessica Hardy, Account Manager, believes that he is deserving of this award for many reasons, but mostly for the presence he has at Premier Parking. He is always described as warm and friendly, with a smile on his face every day. He can often be seen helping customers into the hospital and assisting them with their belongings.

From Nashville, TN:  Jillian Kaufman

Jillian has continually gone above and beyond to assists our HR and Recruiting team. A few of notations include: leading staffing efforts for Nashville Maintenance, recruiting for St. Louis Cardinals event staff, working on the weekends, and always asking how she can help every single day. Jillian doesn’t wait for direction, she goes after projects and volunteers the majority of the time. She is the spirit of Premier, selfless, relentless, and always striving to help our company grow. I know she has only been her for two months, but many people already feel the impact she has made on our organization as a whole.


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