As expected, we had great participation in our employee spotlight program this past month. All of your amazing stories make a positive contribution to the culture and well-being of our company, and they serve as an inspiration to all of the leaders of our organization to work harder than ever to accomplish our goals and create opportunities for our employees to grow both personally and professionally.

It is my honor to announce the winners of the Employee Spotlight Awards for August 2017. We have 8 winners this month, simply because three of our Houston/Galveston employees were recognized due to their leadership, commitment, and sacrifice during Hurricane Harvey. I know that I speak for everyone when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. -Ryan Hunt, COO

From Nashville, TN: Hassan Mohamed

Hassan, a Parking Attendant at the McKendree Garage has been with the team for 6 years now. He was nominated this month by Jo Knightstep (Payroll Administrator) for always having such a great attitude and welcoming to folks who use the McKendree Garage. He is so quick to respond to any and all concerns/issues and takes control of any situations immediately. Hassan makes sure that folks coming and going through his work location, always receive exceptional customer service!

From Nashville, TN: Jo Knightstep

Jo, our Friendly Payroll Administrator, was nominated this month by April Ruberto (HR Generalist). Jo continually strives to make sure employees are paid properly and on time. Behind the scene, Jo is passionate about managers understanding the process of payroll as well as building great working relationships with our payroll vendors to ensure all location requirements and policies are in place. As Premier continues to grow, Jo is on top of it by insuring new location set ups are properly handled so payroll can go smoothly.

From Memphis, TN: David Moore

David, Operations Manager in Memphis, was nominated this month by Sandra Thomas (General Manager, Memphis). Mr. Moore is a jack of all trades. His head on approach and problem solving skills have saved Premier Parking a great deal on money on instant repairs. He sees a problem and he addresses it head on rather than waiting to be told. Mr. Moore continues to be in “manager mode” even on the weekends by visiting locations to make sure operations are running properly. Mr. Moore’s Memphis team loves his always positive attitude and truly respects him as a leader!

From Galveston, TX: Jennifer Marines

Jennifer, Account Manager at our Park N Cruise location, was nominated this month by James Timmons (Operations Manager, Houston). During the unfortunate event of Hurricane Harvey, Jennifer’s actions went above and beyond by returning daily to her work location to check and send updates to Premier on the flooding status on her own to ease everyone’s concerns. Jennifer went above and beyond while also dealing with the effects of Harvey outside of the workplace. Her updates were above expectations for sure!

From Universal Parking, Detroit MI: Colin Ford

Colin, Account Manager at Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital in Detroit, was nominated twice this month by Jo Knightstep (Payroll Administrator) and Troy Barron (Operations Manager). Troy has been with the Universal team for over 9 years now! Colin goes out of his way to create a fun and enriching environment for his employees. Colin is diligent about filling out paperwork properly and asking questions when any issues arise. Colin works hard to make sure his payroll is accurate each week to insure his team is properly compensated.

From Universal Parking, Detroit MI: Mike Cerniglia

Mike, Account Manager for St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Detroit, was nominated this month by Ashlyn Watkins (Assistant HR Director). Ashlyn received an email from a patient who was visiting the hospital for some unfortunate circumstances. The patient just raved and reviewed about how Mike went above and beyond to assist her and her family when they arrived to the hospital in complete disarray. Mike walked the family in and immediately assisted them by providing water and Kleenex and assured him and his staff will help with whatever they can. Mike was true to his word by assisting and welcoming the family each time they visited over the next few weeks. The family has been singing his praises and reassured them that “there are still great people in this world”. The family also noticed such a wonderful caring valet staff he had and attributed that to their great manager!

From Houston, TX, James Timmons

James, Operations Manager in Houston, was nominated by William Clay (Vice President). During Hurricane Harvey, James did a terrific job of not only communicating expectations and updates to all of Premier’s Houston clients, but also effectively communicating with his Houston team to ensure their safety and best interests. His balance of running operations and keeping the best interest of his team in focus is a testament to his dedication to Premier Parking and providing exceptional operations in Houston and in Galveston.

From Houston, TX: Pabebyam Isaac Tiendrebeogo

Pabebyam, Valet Driver at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, was nominated by James Timmons (Operations Manager, Houston). Pabebyam showed commitment to go above and beyond during Hurricane Harvey. He stayed at the hospital for 4 consecutive days/nights keeping the valet operations open for patients of the hospital. What a selfless and phenomenal act by Mr. Tiendrebeogo!

Please join us in celebrating Premier’s outstanding team!