Drive in. Drive out.

Sounds too good to be true, especially if you’ve ever experienced the headache of a parking garage meter not working or getting stuck behind a gate that just won’t open! But the days of parking frustration are over. Contactless, completely digital, and entirely automated parking is no longer some fairytale or futuristic idea, but rather the new reality thanks to Premier Parking and Metropolis’ camera vision software.

First time parkers simply scan a QR code at the parking facility, create an account with their email, license plate and payment method, and they’re good to go! No more lost tickets, estimating how much time you might need, or rushing back to add more time to the meter. In other words, no more hassle!

And the best part? Registration only has to happen once. After the initial creation of your Metropolis account, anytime you use a Premier Parking enabled parking structure, computer vision technology will immediately detect your arrival and departure. You will be notified via text of your active parking session upon arrival, and then emailed a receipt as you leave.

Drive in. Drive out. It is truly that simple.

Not only does this new technology allow for easier customer and tenant parking sessions, but it also provides real estate owners with a creative way to increase their revenue. Removing a well-known pain point is not only a great amenity that owners can offer their tenants but is also a great way to position themselves as being on the forefront of new and revolutionary technology.

Another amazing component of Metropolis’ software lies in its unique ability to evolve and change as time goes on. Often times, the fear with technology lies in the maintenance of the equipment. Due to the ever-changing nature of technology, it is easy to assume that technology will need to be replaced every two years or so to stay on top of emerging trends. However, the technology that enables this new way of parking is based in artificial intelligence. In other words, it is continuously bettering its processes and procedures without any help from on-site technicians. It learns from the data it receives and evolves as the customer experience evolves.

In a world where we are replacing the live interaction component of shopping with new e-commerce options, it just seems natural that the parking experience evolves as well. No longer will there be a need to carry your credit card to a parking meter across the lot from where you parked or worry about losing your physical parking ticket. Instead, your car becomes your wallet, and your Metropolis account becomes your passport for parking.

Welcome to the parking revolution, we’re happy to have you along for the ride!

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Author: Erin O’Boyle, Marketing Specialist