Premier Parking is closely monitoring the status of the COVID-19 outbreak, now deemed a pandemic by the World Health Organization, and we are actively engaged in preparations in case the situation further escalates. Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our customers, clients, and employees. We continue to follow guidance from the CDC and local health authorities to ensure we have the right plans in place and are following advice on taking appropriate precautions.

We have provided safety guidance to our team members based upon the recommendations of the CDC, and we are regularly updating our recommendations as new information becomes available.  We are complying with any requirements of clients and partners for additional personal protective equipment or other safety measures based upon the guidance being communicated to our leadership team. We are having multiple conversations with local healthcare leadership at facilities around the country, and the collaboration has been very helpful as we all seek to help mitigate the impact to our communities. We will continue to take additional preventive measures at all locations to do our part to lessen the potential spread of COVID-19.

Premier is focused and prepared to remain fully operational for the duration of this outbreak. We have a thorough continuity plan addressing impacts to our staff or operations.  As the situation evolves, Premier may implement additional measures to ensure the well-being of our customers, clients, and employees, including staffing or service modifications.

Premier Parking has yet to have any confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus throughout our entire 2,000+ national employee base.  Some policies that have been implemented company-wide at this time are: 1) enforcing “No Handshake Zones”, 2) supplying all valet stands with hand sanitizer and requiring use between every vehicle interaction, 3) requiring screenings of every employee returning from international travel to any country before they return to any work shift, 4) increased frequency in cleanings of equipment and kiosks used by customers when parking, 5) requiring any employee who feels or shows any symptoms of the virus to stay home from work until the symptoms have passed, 6) developing telecommute plans to encourage social distancing, and more. If any of our employees are affected, we will immediately take action to contain, inform, and prevent further spread as recommended by our country’s health experts, and we urge our customers and friends in the community to do the same. We understand that communication is critical during this time and we will continue to address any impacts or disruptions to our business.

Our relationships with our customers, clients, and employees are of great importance to us.  We will navigate through these circumstances with the safety of each of you as our top priority.

Thank you for your partnership and your trust in Premier Parking.


Ryan Hunt

Chief Executive Officer