COVID-19 is bringing a lot of uncertainty to our nation, and healthcare teams everywhere are leading the charge to heal all of those whose health has been impacted by this devastating pandemic. As an addition to its initial response to the global outbreak, Premier Parking’s healthcare and patient support division, “Premier Care”, has updated its service offerings in order to best and further support medical facilities across the county during this time.

With all new service line offerings, Premier is following best practices set forth and as outlined by the CDC, monitoring the health and well-being of all associates, and adhering to the specific guidelines set by each individual healthcare facility.

In response to the needs of our healthcare during this extremely challenging time for our country, Premier has developed the following portfolio of solutions to assist in the combat of the threat of COVID-19:

  • COVID-19 Screeners: 24 hours/day protection of all entrances, preventing infection from entering your facility and allowing for assessment at the earliest moment possible; see below plan for screening and preventing infection.       
  • COVID-19 Triage: Set up outside of the facility in parking lots, garages, and other venues, creating an additional layer of access protection and freeing up space within hospitals.
  • Greeters & Ambassadors: Deliver imperative information to patients, employees, and visitors, such as changes in visitation times or other urgent messages.
  • “Purell Police”:  Enforce hand-hygiene protocols and disseminate sanitization information.
  • Distance Requirements & Shuttles: Additional shuttles to assist with proper distancing.
  • Cleaning: Support staff to help clean and disinfect high traffic public areas.
  • Back-fill Volunteer Staff: As many fall within an at-risk group, Premier is ready to assist in performing the services volunteer staff is unable to at this time.
  • Patient Dispatch: Assisting you with scheduling rides for non-emergency transportation.
  • Remote Patient Sitter: Remote staff to monitor patients via video.
  • Remote Monitoring: Go virtual with your garage/lot monitoring. (For more information on Premier’s Remote Monitoring services, click here).

Premier provides support for over 80 healthcare facilities in the United States with its Premier Care division of services. When partnering with Premier, healthcare facilities should expect to gain a partner who truly understands their needs and shares the common goals of ensuring patient and staff safety, increasing patient satisfaction, removing waste and inefficiencies, and overall facility and operational planning and execution.

If you’re interested in learning more about Premier’s new healthcare offerings, please reach out to John Udelson, Senior Vice President of Healthcare, at or Lora Pfeffer, Vice President, at