Over the last few months our lives have changed. The way we live, socialize, work, play, even the way we park is different. At Premier Parking, we’ve recognized the need for more flexible options for our customers – something that’s different than your typical monthly parking contract for visitors and commuters of the downtown markets we serve.  We understand that for so many of us, every single day brings changes right now, and that requires changes in what we offer our communities. 

To help our customers and neighbors in the community adapt to these changes, we are currently offering customized Contactless Parking Bundles.  Throughout the month of May, people can purchase bundles of 10 or 15 prepaid mobile parking sessions at the participating Premier Parking location of their choice (any location that is available to pay on the Premier Parking mobile app) at a rate of just $10 plus tax per session!  With more than 85% of the locations Premier operates nationally being available on the mobile app, this leaves countless options for customers when it comes to selecting the location for their specific Contactless Parking Bundle.  Not to mention, a $10 parking rate can be a rare find at some of the prime downtown parking areas! 

How Does It Work? 

Customers can select a bundle of either 10 or 15 prepaid mobile parking sessions at the participating Premier Parking location of their choice. Once a bundle is selected and paid in full, the customer will receive a customized promo code to apply to their Premier Parking mobile app account. The code, which applies a 100% discount to the parking session, will automatically apply itself to the next 10 (or 15) parking sessions on the mobile app when parking at the location/zone the bundle was purchased for.  And the code doesn’t expire until midnight on January 1, 2021, so the parking bundles can be a really valuable deal that anyone can take advantage of this month! 

To download the Premier Parking app, just text keyword “PPAPPLE” or “PPANDROID” to 24587.  

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR CONTACTLESS PARKING BUNDLE. For questions, reach out to Marketing Coordinator, Lexi Oberg, at lexi@premierparking.com