Lisa SprousePremier Parking is delighted to announce that Lisa Sprouse has been named the first ever Chief Marketing Officer for our organization. Lisa’s time at Premier began as a Corporate Accountant in 2013, and after making significant improvements to Premier’s accounting systems and assisting with the start up of new operations in other markets, she was promoted to the position of General Manager of our company’s largest portfolio – Nashville, TN. As General Manager, Lisa continued to make changes that drastically improved many processes and operations, and developed skills in marketing, branding, customer engagement and analytics, leading her to a third promotion to Premier Parking’s Vice President of Marketing and the first female executive in company history.

As Partner and VP of Marketing at Premier, Lisa revolutionized the marketing strategy through many projects such as the deployment of the Premier Parking mobile payment app (available for free download on iOS and Android devices), the build-out and launch of Premier’s internal communication app branded “Premier Nation”, launching social media platforms, and enhancing our customers’ parking experiences and overall company brand.

“I’m not sure there is anyone that embodies our company culture more than Lisa Sprouse,” said Ryan Hunt, Chief Executive Officer. “I’ve had the great privilege of working alongside Lisa for the last five years and her impact on the company simply cannot be measured. I couldn’t be happier for Lisa and there is certainly no one who deserves it more than her. I can’t wait to see what she does next!”

Lisa has been recognized by the National Parking Association as one of the top 40 Under 40 industry leaders, and now serves as Co-Chair of the Young Leaders’ Network. She is a member of Women In Parking and multiple other local organizations.

Lisa’s experience within her roles at Premier and her exceptional leadership skills have prepared her well to take on this C-Suite role. As Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa will continue to lead Premier’s marketing efforts with a goal to continually strengthen the brand through enhancements to the Premier customer experience, growth and development of the marketing team and professional peers alike, and of course, to be the internal voice for Premier’s customers across the country.

Rapid Fire Q&A with Lisa Sprouse

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?
A: A geophysicist with a side gig as a Fly Girl.
Q: What’s one lesson that you’ve learned that you’ll always carry with you throughout life?
A: Treat others the way you want them to treat you.
Q: Describe yourself in one word.
A: Virgo. That should explain plenty.
Q: Name one thing that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on.
A: Taco Bell is the best Mexican restaurant in existence.

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