Our team is excited to announce that Christina Murray, Operations Manager over Premier’s portfolio of operations in Austin, Texas, has successfully completed the CPP Exam, earning her the credentials of a Certified Parking Professional through the National Parking Association!

In honor of Christina’s accomplishment, we did a Rapid Fire interview with her to celebrate and highlight her professional success.  Without further delay, here is… RAPID FIRE WITH CHRISTINA MURRAY!

Q:  How’d you wind up working in the parking industry?

A:  Like most of us, I fell into it accidentally. I previously worked in property management of privatized military housing. After moving back to my hometown, I applied for a bookkeeping position with a different parking company. I had never heard of parking management and quickly learned what a vast industry it is. Even after joining the industry, I considered other career paths; but since joining the Premier Parking team, I’ve never looked back. Our team has shown me that this business can be just as, if not more, fun as it is complex!

Q:  What inspires/motivates you?

A:  My children both inspire and motivate me. They inspire me to try to find that illusive work/life balance that everyone talks about but struggles to find. They motivate me to show up both physically and mentally every day at work and at home for everyone, including myself. Retirement at the beach is a little part of it too!

Q:  With an employment history including positions with other parking companies, what would you say is the prime differentiator between Premier and its competition that makes Premier so successful?

A:  Support at every level and in every capacity. Our company has always ensured that all levels of management are accessible, even throughout the rapid growth we’ve had in the last couple of years. It’s clear that success is driven by our people because our people truly care for each other and share in the “Premier vision.”

Q:  What keeps you up at night?

A:  The ever-present fear that I’m never getting it all done, or what is done, is not my best work. I think I share in this worry with most working moms. I wear a lot of hats both professionally and personally and there never seems to be enough time to finish one task before the next 10 have already started. While it won’t stop my worries, I’m very fortunate to be empowered by my leadership to wear all hats without hesitation.

Q:  What is one of your top professional goals for 2017?

A:  I accomplished one already! I received my Certified Parking Professional certificate in April. Outside of that, I hope to become more familiar with the business development side of parking. I’ve been involved in operations up to this point, so the next logical step is stepping outside of that comfort zone and learning from the best in our business.

Q:  Not many people know this, but you’ve actually never been to a concert, yet you live in Austin, Texas – a city known for its music scene. If you could see anyone in concert, who would it be?

A:  Even as a child, I enjoyed music from generations before me so my dream concert has always been the Eagles. Since Glen Frey’s passing last year, it would not be the same. I’ll take Billy Joel as a very close second! (Just don’t tell Billy he’s 2nd)

Q:  What are some of your favorites things, unrelated to work/parking?

A:  Dance of any kind, hiking, and long uninterrupted walks on the beach in solitude.

Q:  If any of your children grew up and started a career in parking, what advice would you give them?

A:  Learn everything you can and learn it from the ground up. Your employees will respect you and your clients will thank you.