Why Premier

We understand that not all parking situations are the same and each element involves careful analysis and consideration.  We pride ourselves on the ability to leverage our experience to provide your property with the right services for the right occasions.  Since the beginning, Premier Parking has grown its business organically, one client at a time.  Such organic growth allows Premier Parking to provide each client with the highest levels of management time and attention.  We are a company committed to learning from each unique client experience so that we are able to deliver maximum levels of customer service and deliver bottom line growth.  As we are consistently increasing our level of experience, our commitment to our clients has remained, and always will remain at the highest level.

All of us at Premier Parking would like to thank you for your interest in our mission to offer a higher level of parking management service.  Through partnerships, collaboration, and sustainability, we are working toward our goal to become a valued member of each and every community we serve by proving our commitment to make a difference.

Premier Parking and it’s team members are proud sponsors and members of local community and parking industry organizations! 

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Executive Spotlight: Get To Know Our VP, Eric Teter

Premier Parking's success has been nothing short of incredible.  With a significant portion of our company's growth over the last 12 months being in the healthcare sector, led in large part by Eric Teter, Vice President, we wanted to highlight his professional success.  What better way to do so than a little Q&A!

A Refreshing Career Change

Parking? Do I really want to work for a parking company? If so, what does that entail? These were my exact thoughts when I applied online to work for Premier Parking. Oh, how the times and thoughts changed since then!

How Parking Is Setting Me Up For Future Success

When I accepted a job offer from a parking company in 2013, I had no idea what working in the parking industry entailed or the magnitude of opportunity I would be exposed to.  Parking was never the industry I strived to be in, but boy am I happy that I decided to accept that job offer four years ago…