Why Premier

The future of parking is here.

Not all parking situations are the same.  Each element involves careful analysis and consideration.

Since the beginning, Premier Parking has grown its business organically, one client at a time.  This allows us to provide each client’s facility with the highest level of time and attention.

At the same time, we’ve always been an innovator – bringing cutting-edge technologies to the forefront and helping our customers and consumers get ahead of the curve.  Our recent partnership with Metropolis has enabled Premier to create revolutionary new, touchless payment technology in lots across the country. Computer vision-enabled facilities start the clock when a customer pulls in, and stop the clock when they exit, taking away the headache for drivers and lot staff alike, and making garages safer for everyone.

All of us at Premier Parking would like to thank you for your interest in our mission to offer a higher level of parking management service.  Through partnerships, collaboration, and sustainability, we are working toward our goal to become a valued member of each and every community we serve by proving our commitment to make a difference.

20 Year of Premier: Through the Lens

The Premier Parking team in the early 2000s with just under 50 employees. Today Premier has close to 2,000 dedicated, hard-working employees nationwide! Then Account Specialist now CEO, Ryan Hunt hands out donuts to parkers on our first day of operations at the Pesca Lot in Nashville in 2007. Here is our CMO Lisa Sprouse’s, […]

20 Years of Premier

Two decades. A fifth of a century. However you cut it, 20 years is a long time. In 2001, when the first Premier Parking facility was launched in Nashville, the Nokia cell phone was the hot commodity, the first Harry Potter film had just been released, and Friends was still airing on TV. The fact […]

Facility Restoration: Grand Circus Garage

In the years since Detroit declared bankruptcy in 2013, the city has seen a steady resurgence surrounding infrastructure, tourism, and a sense of community. As more people have begun visiting downtown Detroit and buildings and offices are being rebuilt and remolded, the need for safe, reliable parking is sorely needed. The Grand Circus Garage, built […]

Why Not Parking? A Conversation with VP of Sales, Dana Wade

Grocery stores that no longer require checkouts, rideshare apps replacing the need for standard taxis, hotels that no longer require physical keys to access rooms – these are all examples of how technology has changed the very nature of our everyday lives. We have become accustomed to having everything at our fingertips, so it comes […]

Premier’s Newest Addition to the East Coast

Big News! As of May 1st, Premier Parking is now in Wilmington, Delaware and we are delighted to add it to our rapidly growing cross-country portfolio. Premier has commenced management at four properties all located in the heart of Wilmington; the City Center Garage, the ParkBPG Garage, the Midtown Garage, and Lot B, a total […]

Drive in. Drive out.

Drive in. Drive out. Sounds too good to be true, especially if you’ve ever experienced the headache of a parking garage meter not working or getting stuck behind a gate that just won’t open! But the days of parking frustration are over. Contactless, completely digital, and entirely automated parking is no longer some fairytale or […]