Why Premier

We understand that not all parking situations are the same and each element involves careful analysis and consideration.  We pride ourselves on the ability to leverage our experience to provide your property with the right services for the right occasions.  Since the beginning, Premier Parking has grown its business organically, one client at a time.  Such organic growth allows Premier Parking to provide each client with the highest levels of management time and attention.  We are a company committed to learning from each unique client experience so that we are able to deliver maximum levels of customer service and deliver bottom line growth.  As we are consistently increasing our level of experience, our commitment to our clients has remained, and always will remain at the highest level.

All of us at Premier Parking would like to thank you for your interest in our mission to offer a higher level of parking management service.  Through partnerships, collaboration, and sustainability, we are working toward our goal to become a valued member of each and every community we serve by proving our commitment to make a difference.

Premier Parking and it’s team members are proud sponsors and members of local community and parking industry organizations! 

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Premier commences valet operations at The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas

Premier Parking is excited to announce its first hotel operation in Dallas, Texas – The Adolphus Hotel. The team is now the exclusive valet provider for the historic, 407-room, freshly-renovated, hospitality masterpiece. Located at 1321 Commerce Street in the heart of downtown Dallas, just a short distance from historic Dealey Plaza, The Adolphus Hotel first […]

Ultimate Parking Management, Welcome to the Premier family

Premier Parking is pleased to announce the addition of Ultimate Parking Management, LLC (UPM) to its family.  The acquisition of UPM by Premier was made official in May 2018, solidifying Premier Parking’s place as one of the largest parking operators in Michigan. UPM, a Detroit-based company, manages 39 self-parking facilities throughout Detroit, Dearborn, and Grosse […]

New flag in the midwest region for Premier Parking

Premier Parking is ecstatic to announce its entrance into the prominent Midwest region city of Indianapolis, IN, as the team is set to commence operations at the Hilton Indianapolis Downtown hotel this month. Premier will be overseeing the valet operations and bell services for the 332-room Hilton as well as managing the 650-space commercial parking […]

Inspiring Millenials

Millennials, people born between 1980 and the mid-2000s, are now the largest generation in the United States. Not to worry, this article isn’t about bashing the “entitled” generation or listing out generational inequalities and comparisons. With that said, our economy, workforce, and industry will undergo several changes in the years to come. As an industry, we need to do a better job at explaining the benefits of our industry and attracting more millennials to join us in redefining parking as we know it.