Oshman Ahmad – Vice President of Business Development

Oshman Ahmad, Vice President of Business Development, has been in the parking industry since the early 1980’s, and was welcomed into the Premier Parking family through our acquisition of State Parking Services and iPark in June of 2018.

Oshman’s first job in the parking industry was as a valet driver and in 1982 he had the opportunity to create his own company in Houston, TX. By 1987, the small company had expanded to 45 local restaurants, a couple of medical buildings and a hotel. Fast forward to 2018, Oshman and his team were managing and operating several of Houston’s finest hotels and restaurants, as well as a number of self-park locations. He was able to build one of the cities most recognizable parking companies in size, name recognition, service and profitability.

He credits his success to his passion towards serving his various clients. Oshman has always offered unique solutions to his clients, understanding that they all have their own needs.

Name a guilty pleasure.  Chocolate molten cake

What’s your favorite sports team?  Manchester City

Choice of words to live by?