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Dana Wade

Dana Wade

VP of Sales

Dana Wade joined the Premier team in the spring of 2021 as the company’s Vice President of Sales. Dana brings years of Sales experience to the Premier team amidst a huge period of growth for the company. Dana is located in Texas, but his work takes him to all corners of the country to connect with potential clients and explain the benefits of working with Premier. Dana’s charismatic nature and innate curiosity have pushed him to become the sales professional he is today. As someone who is constantly challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box, Dana is always looking for ways to excel.

Prior to Premier, Dana worked in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas, Nevada where he was first introduced to parking operations management. After working in the hotel management, Dana moved to a company that specialized in parking access and revenue control systems. It was in this role that Dana became familiar with the ins and outs of parking operations and the equipment that fuels it.

Dana’s path to Premier was one that grew out of a desire to see parking done differently. Dana’s desire to be a changemaker is what ultimately led him to Premier during a time of immense change. In May of 2021, when Dana joined the team, Premier had just partnered with Metropolis to change the parking industry forever thanks to new computer vision AI technology. Dana, holding years of experience in traditional parking equipment, was and still is passionate about showing other property managers the benefits and ease that Metropolis can provide compared to traditional parking equipment.

Dana’s passion for innovation and technology are two of the biggest reasons he excels in his role as Vice President of Sales. He understands the innate benefits that Premier, and Metropolis, can bring to clients and customers alike and is able to explain and relate these benefits to people across the country.

Dana lives in Houston with his wife, daughter, and son. When not working with clients, he can be found enjoying the outdoors!

Describe yourself in one word. Versatile.

Name a guilty pleasure. 2000's hip hop music.

Choice words of wisdom? “Be brave to stand for what you believe in even if you stand alone.” -Roy T. Bennett.