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Cierra Perkins, MBA

Cierra Perkins

Director of Launch

In the fall of 2019, the Premier Parking team hired its first Yield Management Data Analyst, Cierra Perkins. Cierra, a then-recent graduate from Fisk University, was passionate about data and the insights it could provide to drive better business decisions. Her desire to understand not only data, but the reasonings and uses behind it motivated her to go back to school, while still working full-time at Premier, to receive her Master of Business Administration (MBA).

During this time, Cierra’s business orientated mindset and organization skills allowed her to quickly move into the role of Junior Executive at Premier. In this role she worked with a variety of different departments within the company while assisting Premier’s CEO, Ryan Hunt on a variety of initiatives. The largest initiative that Cierra got to be a part of was the partnership launch between Premier Parking and tech start-up Metropolis that occurred in April 2021. Cierra’s role as Junior Executive during this pivotal time in the company’s history exposed her to the triumphs and challenges of integrating an entirely new system into existing operations. An experience that would serve her well as she made the transition from Junior Executive to Director of Launch in December 2021.

As Director of Launch, Cierra combines her knowledge from her education and previous roles to successfully execute Metropolis launches across the country, while also analyzing site surveys, previous launches, site progress, and more.

With a level of knowledge that is unparalleled, a fierce work ethic, and a collaborative and resourceful spirit, Cierra is a huge asset to our team. Never one to waste an opportunity to learn, in her free time Cierra invests in herself by learning about personal finances, investments, and real estate.

Describe yourself in one word. Ambitious.
Name your guilty pleasure. Ice Cream.
Choice words of wisdom to live by? Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase your dreams. The choice is yours.