Who We Are



Premier Parking is a leader in the parking industry with an emphasis on customer service and experience, innovative and forward-thinking solutions, and a technology-focused approach. Premier operates, manages and supports hundreds of sites across 14+ states, with clients ranging in industries from commercial grade office buildings to sports stadiums and healthcare facilities.


In 2001, Premier Parking was founded with one surface parking lot in downtown Nashville.  The idea was simple – provide a higher level of parking management services to clients.  Today, Premier is one of the nation’s leading parking management companies, operating over 500 parking programs and 120,000 parking spaces in 50 cities across the U.S.

While we have grown exponentially over the last 20 years, we’ve done so carefully – always committed to the highest level of client service, and focused on bringing cutting-edge, environmentally responsible innovations to the parking assets we have the opportunity to manage.

Our company’s strong organic growth is attributable to a strong parking management background, a foundation of excellence supported by exceptional levels of customer service, and a focus on providing superior parking management resources for stakeholders and property managers.

Premier Parking is a company invested in its community. With a tradition of superior customer service, environmentally responsible and innovative parking technology, Premier Parking is your Consultant. Premier Parking is your Manager. Premier Parking is your Partner.


Premier builds industry leaders, and nearly every member of the Premier leadership team has worked their way up to where they are and knows exactly what it takes to be the best in the industry.  The Premier team is young and diverse, a group of people always looking for the next innovation in parking design and logistics and never shying away from a challenge.

  • Lora Pfeffer Vice President | Healthcare
  • Nate Sposato
    Nate Sposato Vice President | Healthcare Operations
  • Steven Hammerschlag
    Steven Hammerschlag Divisional Vice President | Midwest
  • Christina Murray, CPP
    Christina Murray, CPP Regional Vice President | Central Texas
  • Travis Jarrett, CPP
    Travis Jarrett, CPP Regional Vice President | Central
  • James Timmons, CPP
    James Timmons, CPP Regional Vice President | South Texas
  • Evan Pryor Regional Vice President | West
  • Cierra Perkins, MBA
    Cierra Perkins, MBA Junior Executive

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