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Premier Parking is quickly becoming a leader in the parking industry. Unparalleled customer service, innovative and forward-thinking solutions and a technology focused approach have led Premier to operate, manage and support a wide range of industries such as commercial grade office buildings; mixed use facilities; sporting events, stadiums and arenas; valet and special event parking; and hospital and healthcare facility parking. With an emphasis on our core values: relationships, integrity, and tenacity, Premier Parking provides unmatched service and site management for all clients and customers through a parking management philosophy that benefits each party involved.


In 2001, Premier Parking was founded with one surface parking lot in downtown Nashville out of a need for a higher level of parking management services available to clients living and working in the Central Business District.  With a vision to improve the current state of parking services in Nashville, Premier has evolved into one of the most widely recognized parking management providers. Led by CEO, Ryan Hunt, Premier Parking is focused on expanding their business across the nation, making their mark in the industry by increasing the service levels and standards in parking management.

From conception, the company has been centered around a commitment to raising the bar on all aspects of parking. Built upon an understanding of a property owner and manager’s diverse parking needs, the parking experts at Premier offer complete parking management solutions to cover all aspects of parking management. From better customer service to improved parking facility revenues, Premier Parking meets all the needs of its customers through development of specific parking programs tailored to each individual facility.  We strongly believe that the correct implementation of technology and talent can boost owners’ revenues and ensure customer satisfaction at any parking facility we operate.

Our company’s success is attributable to a strong parking management background, a foundation of excellence supported by exceptional levels of customer service, and a focus on providing superior parking management resources for stakeholders and property managers.

Premier Parking is a company invested in its community. With a tradition of superior customer service, environmentally responsible and innovative parking technology, Premier Parking is your Consultant. Premier Parking is your Manager. Premier Parking is your Partner.


  • Oshman Ahmad
    Oshman Ahmad Vice President | Business Development
  • Christina Murray
    Christina Murray Regional Vice President
  • Evan Pryor
    Evan Pryor Regional Vice President
  • James Baker, CPP Regional Vice President
  • Dave Crowe Regional Vice President

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