24/7 Remote Facility Monitoring


In September of 2016, Premier Parking launched its first ever remote monitoring command center, Premier LIVE!365. This investment in the latest and most advanced technology on the market is just another way Premier is setting itself apart and offering the best that the parking industry has to offer to our clients and customers for parking management services.

Premier LIVE!365 allows us to utilize two different software platforms, Parker Technology and Umojo, both industry leaders in parking specific remote monitoring services. We have seen the significant advantage of providing a centralized response center that is cloud-based and can immediately connect a customer to a customer service attendant in our command center, as well as seamlessly integrate with all major PARCS providers to ensure a fully integrated approach for our remote monitoring services. This not only enhances the end-user’s satisfaction level, but also allows us to maximize the financial returns for each facility we operate by reducing payroll and identifying issues with equipment within seconds of malfunction.

Premier LIVE!365 currently offers the best of both worlds for our clients nationwide. With our ability to operate two separate dashboards at our command center, Premier offers two solutions and a customized approach for every client. Parker Technology is the only remote monitoring service that has the capability to offer two-way audio and visual remote monitoring. This is a significant advantage, as many of our clients prefer a more personal experience to parking management, and with this advanced technology, patrons of our facilities can see and hear a live Premier Parking call center specialist on LED monitors at the parking facility. Once the specialist has helped the customer, he/she can also vend the gate to allow the customer to exit the facility regardless of the time of day. The connection to an existing facility is very easy with “bolt-on” or “stand-alone” call for assistance stations. These devices are readily installed for both new and existing installations and require a simple internet connection and 120v power connection.

In addition to two-way audio and visual services, Premier Parking also operates with another remote monitoring platform, Umojo. This unique and innovative technology can be fully integrated with all major parking equipment manufacturers, allowing the Premier LIVE!365 command center to make immediate software updates and changes to the parking equipment. Additionally, Umojo can tie into existing cameras at the facility to further monitor the parking facility, ensuring that all patrons are assisted in a timely manner and walked through the process of exiting the facility.

Our clients have access to our command center website, where they can view their respective facilities’ activities and the outline of any issues customers of that facility have experienced, including wait times for every call answered. For years, the issue with unattended parking facilities has been related to the sheer frustration both the customer and parking operators feel in any kind of delayed and difficult interactions. Several intercom systems still function via analog telephone lines and offer fuzzy and unclear reception at parking facilities. These failures in functionality inhibit the ability to operate efficiently and leads to damaged parking equipment and substantial revenue loss. With Premier LIVE!365, Premier provides a VoIP solution that eliminates these failures and delivers a full service option that only enhances parking operations!

The major advantage to this program, however, is the ability to improve bottom line return on parking assets. The financial improvements of implementing Premier LIVE!365 include:

• Customers paying appropriate parking charge (as opposed to the gate being raised due to difficulty communicating with user);
• Parking gate arms being “down” 24/7, allowing all potential revenue to be captured;
• Payroll savings by eliminating parking attendants when appropriate;
• Complete accounting of ALL parking tickets;
• Eliminating damage of parking equipment and protecting our client’s investment.

Premier was very careful in our approach to offer a comprehensive solution that fits all of our client’s needs and wants. We decided that it was best to not limit ourselves to only one solution, and we are excited to offer the latest and greatest technology solutions for remote monitoring services with Premier LIVE!365!

If you are interested in hearing how Premier Parking can improve the value of your asset through revenue maximization and optimized parking operations, or if you simply need to be able to provide your building’s tenants and visitors with assistance at your parking facility, contact us today for a quote for remote monitoring services!