Protecting Your Assets with Dedicated Personnel and Advanced Technology

In order to provide the best possible parking management to your property, Premier Parking employs a robust team of parking officers to regularly audit client’s parking assets. We utilize state-of-the-art Ballparc Technology to operate and manage all-things-enforcement.

Violations issued include the date, time, facility name, license plate number, reason for violation, and a picture of their vehicle and license plate. Our technology enables easy payment or dispute for customers on our website.

Premier Parking is committed to ensuring the safety of your property and can accommodate any request or means in regards to the enforcement of a parking facility. Below are other highlights of our enforcement program:

  • We utilize a cloud-based software that can identify repeat violators immediately.
  • Enforcement technology allows our auditors to capture appropriate documentation for each violation they issue with the handheld devices, and allows our managers to view real time data at any time or any place on their cell phones via mobile app.
  • Technology allows anyone who receives a violation the ability to go online and view all documentation associated with their parking ticket.  They are also given the ability to dispute or pay their violation online.

If you are interested in hearing how Premier Parking can provide liability protection at your property through an enforcement program, please request a proposal.

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