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What We Do

Parking often feels like an inevitable evil, but Premier Parking doesn’t accept that – and neither should you.

Placing high value on relationships, integrity, and tenacity, Premier is committed to raising the industry standard and taking away the parking burden from drivers and parking providers. Using the latest technology and tailored parking solutions, we create the most seamless, consumer-oriented parking experience.

Commercial (Office & Mixed Use)

Premier Parking currently manages commercial and Class A office building garages in many of the country’s hottest urban markets such as Nashville, Austin, Houston and Seattle. We possess the level of industry expertise that is required to effectively increase revenue, manage expenses, and provide outstanding customer service to clients and customers.

Premier Parking adds value to our clients’ assets by offering:

  • State-of-the-art revenue controls
  • Automation processes
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Attractively designed signage and graphics
  • Structural damage consulting
  • Lighting retrofits and asphalt repair
  • Professional staff and full-service consultation

In 2003, Premier Parking successfully implemented the first fully automated garage in Nashville at a 1,054-space commercial property. Since then, we have managed the implementation of countless other automated systems and drastically increased efficiencies at commercial parking facilities nationwide.

Healthcare & Transportation Services

Premier Care, Premier Parking’s healthcare parking management and support service, is designed to cater to the specific needs of hospital patients, staff and visitors. Our healthcare parking philosophy is based on alleviating the stress of a hospital visit by creating customer-centric parking services. Our goal is to allow an easy transition from your parking facility to the hospital, ensuring that the first and last impression for every visitor is a positive one.

Premier CARE is dedicated to creating effective and profitable parking management solutions for medical facilities. Premier CARE offers a scope of services that creates lasting value:

  • Functional Parking Facility Design
  • Supply & Demand and Comprehensive Parking Studies
  • Revenue Access Control Technology
  • Traffic Direction & Wayfinding Signage Programs
  • Management Analysis & Operational Audits
  • Valet Parking
  • Shuttle Operations
  • Hospital Greeter & Ambassador/Concierge Services
  • Patient Transfer & Observation Services
  • COVID-19 Symptom Screener Services

Hotels & Hospitality

Each of Premier Parking’s valet and self-parking operations were designed and executed based on the understanding that an efficient parking program and best in class customer service is paramount for guests at any hotel. Our team at Premier Parking consistently and proudly delivers the highest level of visitor satisfaction, building onto decades of experience ever since being awarded the management of our first hotel operation at the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit, MI.


Premier Parking offers specialty parking management services tailored to the needs of traveler/vacation parking.

We offer long term parking solutions for customers parking for travel by cruise ship. This specific parking operations require the highest standards of customer service, safety and maintenance procedures.

Premier Parking currently manages the cruise port parking operations at Galveston Park N Cruise, Galveston VIP Cruise Parking and Falstaff Cruise Parking located in Galveston, Texas.


Event Parking Management Services

Premier Parking has experience organizing and accommodating parking for high demand events held at nationally recognized venues of varying sizes. Our experiences with organizing and accommodating parking for high demand events held at nationally recognized venues such as Ryman Auditorium, Bridgestone Arena, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and sports arenas such as Neyland Stadium, FedEx Forum, Nissan Stadium, and Toyota Center act as proof of our unparalleled event parking expertise.

We understand that it can be a daunting undertaking to keep things running smoothly when many vehicles are arriving and departing for an event in a short time frame. To eliminate this stress, Premier Parking offers special event and sports entertainment parking management services that include:

  • Developing and implementing traffic patterns, entries and exits, and staffing points to best suit the facility
  • Providing valet service for event guests/attendees
  • Utilization of our parking facilities by selling season permits to major sporting events
  • Staffing the facility with our Event Flaggers as necessary
  • Security and Traffic Patrol Officer arrangements as required and/or necessary
  • Constant facility monitoring to ensure customer service and safety
  • Routine event parking rate analysis to ensure maximized revenue
  • Online and mobile parking reservation sales


24/7 Remote Facility Monitoring by Premier LIVE!365

In September of 2016, Premier Parking launched its first ever remote monitoring command center: Premier LIVE!365. This investment is just one way Premier is setting itself apart and offering the best that the parking industry has to offer to our clients and customers for parking management services.

Premier LIVE!365 allows us to utilize two different software platforms, Parker Technology and Umojo, both industry leaders in parking specific remote monitoring services. A cloud-based, centralized response center can immediately connect a customer to a customer service attendant in our command center, as well as seamlessly integrate with all major PARCS providers to ensure a fully integrated approach for our remote monitoring services.

Advantages of Parker Technology include:

  • Parker Technology is the only remote monitoring service that has the capability to offer two-way audio and visual remote monitoring, allowing a more personal experience to patrons.
  • Specialists can vend the gate to allow a customer to exit the facility in live time, regardless of the time of day.
  • The connection to an existing facility is very easy with “bolt-on” or “stand-alone” call for assistance stations.
  • These devices are readily installed for both new and existing installations and require a simple internet connection and 120v power connection.

In addition, Umojo offers:

  • Full integration with all major parking equipment manufacturers, allowing the Premier LIVE!365 command center to make immediate software updates and changes to the parking equipment.
  • An easy tie-in to existing cameras at the facility to further monitor the parking facility, ensuring that all patrons are assisted in a timely manner and walked through the process of exiting the facility.

Our clients have access to our command center website, where they can view their respective facilities’ activities and the outline of any issues customers of that facility have experienced, including wait times for every call answered. These services provide a VoIP solution to mitigate customers’ frustration with unattended parking facilities with delayed and difficult interactions.

Along with enhancing customer satisfaction, Premier LIVE!365 can improve bottom line return, with financial improvements including:

  • Customers paying appropriate parking charge (as opposed to the gate being raised due to difficulty communicating with user);
  • Parking gate arms being “down” 24/7, allowing all potential revenue to be captured;
  • Payroll savings by eliminating parking attendants when appropriate;
  • Complete accounting of ALL parking tickets;
  • Eliminating damage of parking equipment and protecting our client’s investment.



To provide the best possible parking management to your property, Premier Parking employs a robust team of parking officers to regularly audit client’s parking assets. We utilize our proprietary, state-of-the-art enforcement application to operate and manage enforcement.

Violations issued include the date, time, facility name, license plate number, reason for violation, and a picture of their vehicle and license plate. Our technology enables easy payment or dispute services for customers directly through

Highlights of our enforcement program include:

  • We utilize a cloud-based software that can identify repeat violators immediately.
  • Enforcement technology allows our auditors to capture appropriate documentation for each violation they issue with the handheld devices, and allows our managers to view real time data at any time or any place on their cell phones via mobile app.
  • Technology allows anyone who receives a violation the ability to go online and view all documentation associated with their parking ticket. They are also given the ability to dispute or pay their violation online.



We offer specialized expertise as consultants with a huge swath of experience, strong technical capabilities and effective project management skills. Whether you need someone who understands the dynamics of the local market, the intricacies of parking operations, or planning and design principles, our experience in both operation and design of high-end projects is unmatched.

The primary goal of our consulting services is to ensure the efficiency and functionality of parking facilities and to establish operational systems that allow clients’ to effectively meet or exceed customer expectations. Our involvement typically begins in the early planning stages and continues into the start-up, and ongoing operation of, a parking facility. Our clients recover consulting fees several times over through reduced construction costs, increased revenue and lower operating expenses.