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I need help signing up for or using the Metropolis app.

To sign up for Metropolis, visit or scan any of the QR codes posted within the parking facility upon arrival.

For assistance or questions regarding the Metropolis app, please call 856-485-6865 or you may email

What are Premier Parking's office hours?

Premier Parking’s office hours are 8:30AM – 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday, and all major holidays.

How can I sign up for Monthly Parking?

To sign up for monthly subscription parking, please visit where you can sign up from your phone and begin parking right away! If you don't see the location you want to sign up for on Metropolis, please complete the Request Monthly Parking form HERE.

Select locations are available for monthly subscription parking on Metropolis. Sign up here.

How much do you charge for parking?

Rates vary from location to location.  Rates are shown at the locations at the pay machines or on the Metropolis app.  Click here to join.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

Premier Parking accepts all major credit cards. Some locations accept cash but there are many that are credit/debit card only.

It is imperative to acknowledge the signage on the premises that specifically states that our machines are not able to dispense change, so in the event that you do pay with cash, you must have exact bills to insert.

I paid the meter, but did not get a receipt.

If you entered in your license plate number or your parking space number, you do not need a receipt in order to show that you registered your vehicle to be on the premises and can continue onto your destination without worry!

The only time you need to display your receipt in your dash while you’re parked is if the signage on the lot in which you parked specifically states to do so.

If you need a copy of your receipt for your personal record keeping purposes, please email to request a copy.

How do I pay for or dispute my Parking Violation?

Did you receive a parking violation letter in the mail from McKinley Payments? If so, please visit to pay or dispute your violation.

For all others, you can pay for a parking violation online HERE ($5 transaction fee applies) or via check. All checks must be mailed in the provided yellow envelope to and must include the violation number on the memo line in order to be processed. It is highly recommended that violations be paid online in order to ensure prompt processing.

All parking violation disputes must go through the specified website. Disputes sent via direct email to Premier Parking will not be processed or accepted.

Can I reserve my parking spot ahead of time?

Parking reservations are available to purchase in advance online for some event venues. Visit to see what is available in your area.

What do I do if there is a boot on my vehicle?

You must contact the booting/enforcement company (name and number displayed on the vehicle notice) to have the immobilization device removed. Payment of the boot removal fee is owed to the booting/enforcement company in addition to payment of any unpaid parking violations incurred by the vehicle on a Premier Parking operated location, in order for the booting/enforcement company to remove the device.

I believe I was double-charged for my parking.

Depending on who you bank with, two charges may show as “pending” on your bank account, however, once the bank fully processes the charges at the end of the business day, one of these should fall off. In the event that a duplicate charge is fully processed, Premier Parking will issue a refund for the duplicate charge with the customer providing the appropriate documentation for backup. Email for assistance.


The machine did not dispense my change.

All of our locations have multiple signage pieces informing customers of the fact that the parking meters do not have the ability to dispense change and that exact change must be used when paying for parking with cash.

What are the rules for Handicapped Parking at Premier Parking facilities?

Handicapped parking is free at government-owned parking spaces. Being that Premier Parking primarily operates privately-owned facilities, there is no free handicapped parking at our lots/garages except for the MTA Garage in Nashville, TN, located at 400 Charlotte Avenue.

What is the height clearance of your garages?

Height clearances differ from location to location, but the clearances are displayed on overhead signage at all applicable facilities for parker awareness and safety.

Does Premier Parking sell Season Parking Passes for any sports teams?

We sure do! We offer season parking passes for Tennessee Titans footballSt. Louis Cardinals baseballCleveland Indians baseball, and Carolina Panthers football. However, if there is a Premier Parking location nearby your favorite sports team’s arena and you’d like to inquire about the possibility of purchasing a season parking pass, shoot our marketing team an email to let them know!

Where can I park an RV, bus, or other oversized vehicle?

Parking for a vehicle that takes up more than a single parking space should be arranged in advance with a member of our team. To arrange parking for your RV, bus, or other oversized vehicle, please navigate to the Contact page and submit a General/Customer Service inquiry.