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This form is for IBM, Indeed, and PTI Employees only. Please note that submitting this request does not guarantee a parking space. If you are not an employee of IBM, Indeed, or PTI in Austin, Texas, and you would like to inquire about monthly parking options in downtown Austin, please do so by calling your local parking office or submitting a request on the "Contact Us" page of this website.

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Premier Parking is committed to information security and will always take commercially reasonable efforts to maintain its confidentiality. All vehicle and personal information collected is used only for the purpose of managing access to authorized parking areas and customers. This information will not be shared with any parties who do not have a legit business need to know.


1.1 Compliance. a) Compliance. Each Occupant and all invitees and Persons using a Unit, shall comply with the provisions of these Rules (including signage on the Property), as any of these may be revised from time to time. Each Occupant shall be liable for damages to any Person or property for violations of these Rules, whether the Occupant commits the violation or guests or other invitees of such Occupant commit the violation. The regulations contained within any specific section shall not be interpreted to apply to the exclusion of other rules contained in these Rules which would logically apply to the same subject matter. Violations of these Rules and interference with the enforcement of these Rules may result in (i) removal and prohibition from the Property; (ii) legal action against the violator; and/or (iii) if a violation is caused by an Owner or Occupant, such violation will constitute a violation of the restrictions and may result in a fine against the Owner or Occupant. b) Right to Enforce. The Declarant, the Master Association and each Owner has the right to enforce these Rules against any Person who owns any portion of the Regime. 1.2 Community Etiquette. a) Courtesy. Each Occupant will endeavor to use such Occupant’s Unit and any portion of the Common Elements in a manner calculated to respect the rights and privileges of other users of the Property. Each Occupant will refrain from conduct that may reasonably be expected to materially endanger the health or safety of the average Occupant or other users of the Common Elements, including employees. b) Smoking. Smoking and vaping is PROHIBITED on the Property, except in designated and signed areas. c) Glass. No glass containers are permitted on the Property. RULES – Page 2 LOT 4 GARAGE MASTER CONDOMINIUM 1.3 General Use and Maintenance of Units. a) Master Units. The Units shall not be used for any purpose in violation of applicable law. b) Vehicles. All vehicles are to be currently licensed, in good operating condition, parked within designated parking spaces, one vehicle to each space. Vehicles may only be parked on a Unit if authorized by the Owner or Occupant of such Unit. Any vehicle parked improperly may be towed away at the expense of the owner/driver of the vehicle. Additionally, the Owner or Occupant of the Unit may place a "boot" on any vehicle that is parked improperly to immobilize it and may levy a charge to remove the "boot." c) Registration. Each operator of a vehicle agrees to register any new vehicle for parking privileges within 72 hours. d) Liability. The Master Association, the Declarant, each Owner and Occupant shall not be responsible for theft or damage to individuals or vehicles on the Property. No bailment is created. To reduce the chance of theft of damage, please place your personal items out of sight and lock your car doors. Patrons park at their own risk at all times on the Property. e) Inoperable Vehicles. A vehicle that is not capable of being operated as a vehicle or a vehicle that does not have current registration or a current license tag or plate is prohibited on the Property. f) Vehicle Maintenance. Repairs, restoration, or maintenance (including oil changes) of vehicles is prohibited on the Property except for emergency repairs, and then only to the extent necessary to enable movement of the vehicle to a repair facility. g) Storage. Vehicles may not be stored on the Property overnight. h) Prohibited Vehicles. No semi-trucks, semi-trailers, recreational vehicles, boats, watercraft, golf carts, campers, or camper trailers may be parked on the Property. i) Floor Loads. No Occupant shall install heavy or bulky equipment or articles, the weight of which is reasonably likely to exceed the floor load for which the Unit is designed. j) Skateboards and Scooters. No skateboards or scooters are permitted on the Property. k) Soliciting. Canvassing, soliciting and peddling within the Property is prohibited. l) Safety. No vehicle may obstruct the flow of traffic, constitute a nuisance, or otherwise create a safety hazard. m) Damage. A person is responsible for any damage they cause while on the Property. n) Pets and Animals. No animals other than service animals shall be allowed on the Property. o) Infestation. No Occupant shall permit or suffer a condition within the Occupant's Unit that encourages the infestation thereof by pests, insects, rodents or other vermin. p) Rubbish and Debris. No rubbish or debris of any kind may be placed or permitted to accumulate on or within the Property, and no odors will be permitted to arise therefrom so as to render all or any portion of the Property unsanitary, unsightly, offensive, or detrimental to any other property or Occupants. Refuse, garbage, and trash must be kept at all times in covered containers. q) General Waivers and Releases. ANY PERSON USING THE PROPERTY (THE "GARAGE USERS") HEREBY WAIVES ALL CLAIMS AGAINST THE DECLARANT, THE MASTER ASSOCIATION, THE OWNERS AND EACH OF THEIR RESPECTIVE ASSIGNS, SUCCESSORS, AND DESIGNEES (COLLECTIVELY, THE "GARAGE OWNER PARTIES") RELATING TO THE PROPERTY, EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT OF THE GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR WILLFUL ACT OR OMISSION OF THE GARAGE OWNER PARTIES. THE GARAGE USERS HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE GARAGE OWNER PARTIES DO NOT HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO PROVIDE ANY SECURITY SERVICES TO THE PROPERTY AND ARE USING THE PROPERTY AT THEIR OWN RISK. 1.4 General Use of Common Elements. (a) Fire and Safety. Except in the event of a relevant emergency, no Occupant or Person may use, tamper with, pry open or modify any fire or safety equipment on the Property, including alarms, extinguishers, monitors and self-closing doors. Each Occupant must be familiar with fire safety and evacuation plans. (b) Obstructions. Sidewalks, driveways, entrances, passages, elevators, vestibules, stairways, or halls shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress. (c) Landscaping. No Occupant shall harm, mutilate, alter, litter, uproot or remove any of the landscaping work on or within the Common Elements, or place or affix any planters, statues, fountains ornamental objects or artificial plants upon any portion of the Common Elements, without the prior written consent of each Owner. Digging, planting, pruning and climbing in any landscaped areas is expressly prohibited.
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